About Us

The Turbomachinery Laboratory conducts basic and applied research into important problems of reliability and performance of turbomachinery — rotating machinery that extracts or adds energy to fluids. That’s everything from classic Dutch windmills to the space shuttle’s main engine turbopumps and compressors that move natural gas through the distribution system.

We offer graduate engineering education through Texas A&M’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The Turbomachinery Laboratory provides continuing education opportunities to users of industrial turbomachinery and pumping systems at the annual International Pump Users Symposium and Turbomachinery Symposium.

We also offer a number of intensive Short Courses throughout the year on varying topics relevant to today’s professionals in the turbomachinery and pumping industries.

We draw on the world-renowned research expertise of Texas A&M University’s Dwight Look College of Engineering and the Texas Engineering Experiment Station.

Through these activities, the Turbomachinery Laboratory continues Texas A&M’s land-grant charter tradition of education, research and service.

Mission Statement

The Turbomachinery Laboratory proudly continues Texas A&M’s land-grant charter and tradition of identifying research areas critical to the state’s economic development, leadership, and quality of life. Priorities include Basic and Applied Research, Undergraduate and Graduate Education, and Continuing Education and Professional Development.

The Turbomachinery Laboratory sponsors two large industrial symposia to provide continuing education opportunities to users of industrial turbomachinery, and to generate profits to foster and support graduate and undergraduate education in turbomachinery.

The Turbomachinery Laboratory provides an opportunity for collaborative research among faculty members throughout the college in the area of turbomachinery.