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Dr. Dara Childs
Turbomachinery Laboratory Director and Leland T. Jordan Chair of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Dara Childs is the Turbo Lab Director and holds the Leland T. Jordan Chair of Mechanical Engineering. Before joining Texas A&M, he taught at The University of Louisville and Colorado State University. He began his professional career at Rocketdyne working on the F1 and J2 engines for the Apollo program. He worked actively to resolve problems in the high-pressure turbopumps of the space shuttle main engine. He has continued to work steadily for over 50 years on rotordynamic issues related to rocket-engine turbopumps and commercial turbomachinery. He has authored or co-authored numerous journal papers on rotordynamics plus the heavily-cited 1993 book, “Turbomachinery Rotordynamics: Phenomena, Modeling and Analysis.” His most recent book, “Turbomachinery Rotordynamics with Case Studies,” was released in June 2014.

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Ph: +1 979.845.7417
Email: dchilds@tamu.edu
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Dr. Paul Cizmas

Dr. Paul Cizmas is a professor of aerospace engineering. Before joining Texas A&M, he worked for Westinghouse Science and Technology Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. While at Westinghouse, Cizmas was responsible for the development of computational fluid dynamic analysis for turbomachinery. His work concentrated on unsteady flows in turbomachinery using both time-linearization and time-marching methods. Cizmas carried this on at Texas A&M, and developed the CoRSI code for simulation of in situ reheat in turbines and analysis of turbine-combustors, the UNS3D general computational fluid dynamics code, the UNS3D-AE code for high-fidelity aerolastic analysis, and the UNS3D-POD proper orthogonal decomposition-based reduced-order model for turbomachinery flows.

Ph: +1 979.845.5952
Email: cizmas@tamu.edu
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Dr. Adolfo Delgado
Associate Professor

Dr. Adolfo Delgado is an associate professor of mechanical engineering. His research focuses on rotordynamics, structural vibration, energy dissipation mechanisms, thin film lubrication and fluid-structure interaction applied to the design, modeling and improvement of rotating machinery systems and components. Prior to joining Texas A&M, Delgado was a research engineer at the General Electric Global Research Center where he led and worked on multiple initiatives involving improvement of existing rotating equipment and development of new rotor-bearing system architectures and turbomachinery components, such as variable geometry bearings, annular seals, dampers and oil-free bearings.

Ph: +1 979.458.3132
Email: adelgado@tamu.edu
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Dr. Je-Chin Han
Distinguished Professor and Marcus Easterling Endowed Chair Professor

Dr. Je-Chin Han is a Distinguished Professor and Marcus Easterling Endowed Chair Professor. Han received his bachelor’s degree from National Taiwan University, a master’s degree from Lehigh University and a Sc.D. degree from M.I.T., all in mechanical engineering. He has worked on gas turbine heat transfer and cooling research for over 40 years. He is the co-author of more than 220 refereed journal papers. He received the 2002 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Heat Transfer Memorial Award, 2004 International Rotating Machinery Award, 2004 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Thermophysics Award and 2016 ASME International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI) Aircraft Engine Technology Award. Han is an ASME and AIAA fellow and has served as an editor or an associate editor for eight heat transfer-related journals.

Ph: +1 979.845.3378
Email: jc-han@tamu.edu
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Dr. Yong-Joe Kim
Associate Professor and Pioneer Natural Resource Faculty Fellow II

Dr. Yong-Joe Kim is an associate professor and Pioneer Natural Resource Faculty Fellow II in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He received his masters and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Purdue University, respectively. Kim worked for the Boeing Company in Seattle for five years as an engineer and scientist before joining Texas A&M in 2009. Since 1995, Kim has maintained active research in acoustics, dynamics, vibration, signal processing and bioacoustics. His research interests include: turbomachinery noise and vibration control, linear and nonlinear sound field visualizations of vibro-acoustic, aero-acoustic, and biological systems, nondestructive structural health monitoring based on ultrasonic array measurements and acoustophoresis in microfluidic devices.

Ph: +1 979.845.9779
Email: joekim@tamu.edu
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Dr. Waruna Kulatilaka
Associate Professor

Dr. Waruna Kulatilaka is an associate professor of mechanical engineering. His research interests are advanced optical and laser-based diagnostics for gas turbine combustion and propulsion applications, as well as reacting and non-reacting flow studies. He has published nearly 50 peer-reviewed journal articles in these areas. Prior to joining Texas A&M, he was a senior research scientist and contractor at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL-WPAFB), and completed a postdoctoral term at the Combustion Research Facility at Sandia National Laboratories, CA. Kulatilaka is active in numerous professional organizations, including ASME (fellow), AIAA (associate fellow), OSA (senior member), The Combustion Institute (board member–CSS), APS and American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). He has received several awards for outstanding technical contributions and service.

Ph: +1 979.458.2885
Email: waruna.kulatilaka@tamu.edu
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Dr. Hong Liang

Dr. Hong Liang is a professor of mechanical engineering. She has long-lasting interests in design, synthesis and evaluation of highly lubricious and wear-resistant advanced materials, coatings, and novel surface structures. Liang and her research group’s fundamental understanding and innovative approaches help to improve performance and efficiency, reduce energy waste, and extend service life of mechanical systems and/or components. Liang is a fellow of ASME and the Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers (STLE). She is the editor of Tribology International.

Ph: +1 979.862.2623
Email: hliang@tamu.edu
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Dr. Gerald Morrison

Dr. Gerald Morrison is a professor of mechanical engineering. He has worked in the areas of fluid mechanics, metrology, and turbulence since 1973. Morrison has guided experimental studies on flow inside seals used on pumps, compressors, and turbines using laser and thermal anemometry to measure the flows inside these items. Extensive experimental and computational work on obstruction flow meters resulted in several patents being issued for a new type of flow meter useful in multi-phase flows. He has performed leading research on 3-D laser Doppler anemometry and Doppler global anemometry and their use in turbomachines. Turbulence measurement and analysis using advanced signal analysis techniques are an area of his expertise. Devices used for measurement include pressure probes, thermal anemometry, and laser anemometry systems.

Ph: +1 979.845.5414
Email: gmorrison@tamu.edu
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Dr. Alan Palazzolo

Dr. Alan Palazzolo is a professor of mechanical engineering with industrial experience at Bently Nevada Corp., Allis Chalmers, Southwest Research Institute and NASA Glenn and Marshall Spaceflight Centers. He performed over $10 million in funded research for NASA, ARL, DOE, ONR, the government of Qatar and private companies. He is an ASME fellow, Endowed Professor, R&D 100 Award recipient, author of 70 archival journal publications, holder of three U.S. patents, author of the textbook, “Vibration Theory and Applications,” and recipient of the best paper award of the ASME Journal of Tribology 2014. His research specialties include rotordynamics, drill string vibration, magnetic bearings, energy storage flywheels, desalination centrifuges, heart pumps, CFD for turbomachinery, fluid film bearings and seals, gears and couplings. Visit http://vcel.tamu.edu/ for more on Palazzolo’s research.

Ph: +1 979.845.5280
Email: a-palazzolo@tamu.edu
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Dr. Andreas Polycarpou
James J. Cain Chair and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Andreas Polycarpou is the James J. Cain Chair and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research expertise lies in tribology and coatings for extreme operating conditions. Before joining Texas A&M in 2012, he was a faculty member at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Polycarpou has studied friction, wear and scuffing issues under extreme operating conditions including high temperature, starved lubrication and high pressures. Application areas for his research include air-conditioning and refrigeration compressors, nuclear reactors, automotive, electrical submersible pumps, valves and other oil and gas-related devices. Polycarpou is the author of approximately 200 archival journal papers, numerous book chapters, volume proceedings, patents and conference papers. Polycarpou has won several national and international awards, including honors from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineering. He is a fellow of both societies.

Ph: +1 979.845.5337
Email: apolycarpou@tamu.edu
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Dr. Eric Petersen
Nelson-Jackson Professor

Dr. Eric Petersen is the Nelson-Jackson Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Before coming to Texas A&M, he taught at the University of Central Florida. Prior to becoming a professor, Petersen worked as an Analytical Engineer in the combustion group at Pratt & Whitney for three years and as a research scientist in the Propulsion Science group at The Aerospace Corporation for four years. His research encompasses gas dynamics, propulsion, combustion, shock waves, chemical kinetics, optical diagnostics, spectroscopy, combustion instability, and rocket combustion. He has authored over 350 journal and conference papers in these areas. He is an ASME fellow and is currently a member of AIAA, The Combustion Institute and ASEE.

Ph: +1 979.845.1257
Email: epetersen@tamu.edu
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Dr. Luis San Andrés
Mast-Childs Chair Professor

Dr. Luis San Andrés is the Mast-Childs Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He conducts research in fluid film bearings and seals for turbomachinery, gas foil bearings for high temperature oil-free turbomachinery, hybrid fluid film bearings for turbopumps and squeeze film dampers for aircraft jet engines. His computational codes, benchmarked against test data, are standards in the rotating machinery industry. San Andrés and his students have authored over 160 journal papers and 80 conference papers, several of which have earned Best Paper awards. San Andrés is a fellow of ASME and STLE. Learn more about his work here.

Ph: +1 979.862.4744
Email: lsanandres@tamu.edu


Turbomachinery Laboratory Symposia Office Staff

Greg GammonGreg Gammon
Director of Operations

Greg has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since August 2014.

Ph: +1 979-862-7113
Email: ggammon@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 510E Mechanical Engineering Office Building


loriLori Adams
Administrative Assistant

Lori has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since May 2012.

Ph: +1 979-845-7417
Email: ladams@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 509A Mechanical Engineering Office Building


marthaMartha Barton
Exhibitor Services Director

Martha has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since February 2003.

Ph: +1 979-458-8878
Email: martha@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 510D Mechanical Engineering Office Building


brookeBrooke Conrad
Communications Director

Brooke has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since July 2016.

Ph: +1 979-845-8943
Email: bconrad@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 510H Mechanical Engineering Office Building


ashtonAshton Drollinger
Publications Coordinator

Ashton has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since February 2008.

Ph: +1 979-845-7417
Email: ashton@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 510C Mechanical Engineering Office Building


Jeannie GalindoJeannie Galindo
Program Coordinator

Jeannie has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since February 2014.

Ph: +1 979-862-1012
Email: jgalindo@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 509B Mechanical Engineering Office Building


lyndaLynda Harms
Accounts Payable

Lynda has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since April 1994.

Ph: +1 979-845-7417
Email: lynda@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 509C Mechanical Engineering Office Building


debbieDebbie Maggs
Program Coordinator

Debbie has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since May 2009.

Ph: +1 979-862-7114
Email: debbie@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 509D Mechanical Engineering Office Building


Brittni Williams
Exhibitor Services Assistant

Brittni has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since March 2015.

Ph: +1 979-845-2671
Email: bcoates@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 510D Mechanical Engineering Office Building


rayRay Mathews
Turbomachinery Laboratory Manager

Ray has been with the Turbomachinery Laboratory since May 2010.

Ph: +1 979-845-6669
Email: ray@turbo-lab.tamu.edu
Office: Room 123 Turbomachinery Laboratory Research Facility