28th International Pump User Symposium (2012)

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Lecture 01, Operational Problems In Pumping Non-Settling Slurries Resolved Using An Improved Laminar Flow Pipe Fitting Loss Model
Daniel W. Wood, Trey Walters, P.E.

Lecture 02, If You Install A Pump Subsea, Leave Nothing To Chance
Pierre-Jean Bibet, Bernard Quiox

Lecture 03, New Advances In Pulse Width Modulated Slip Power Recovery Drives For Pumps
Stephan Bondy, Douglas Phares, Manish Verma, Bill Horvath

Lecture 04, Mechanical Seals for High-Speed Boiler Feed Pumps in Ultra-Pure Water
Eric Vanhie, Benjamin Weiss



Tutorial 02, Advancements In Mechanical Sealing - Api 682 Fourth Edition
Michael B. Huebner, Gordon S. Buck, Henri V. Azibert

Tutorial 03, A Guide To Gasketing Principles And Best Practices
Fluid Sealing Association Gasket Division Members

Tutorial 04, Witness Testing Of Api 610 Centrifugal Pumps And Api 611 Steam Turbines
Nirmal "Nick" Ganatra, R. C. Patel

Tutorial 05, An End-User's Guide To Centrifugal Pump Rotordynamics
William D. Marscher

Tutorial 06, CO2 Capture and Pumping Tutorial
Ron Adams

Tutorial 07, Breaking The Cycle Of Pump Repairs
Heinz P. Bloch, P.E., Buddy Lee

Tutorial 08, Bearing Maintenance Practices to Ensure Maximum Bearing Life
Brian P Dahmer



Case Study 01, Uncommon, Very Effective Solution to PD Pump Pulsation & Vibration Problem
Eugene "Buddy" Broerman

Case Study 02, Pump Piping System Case Study - Insufficient Dampeners
Eugene "Buddy" Broerman, Sarah Simons

Case Study 03, Power Savings on Recycle Applications
Mike Wisnoski, Jeremy MacClure

Case Study 04, Modification of BB1 Pump Vibration Characteristics to Meet ISO 13709 2nd Edition (API 610 11th) Limits
Simon Bradshaw

Case Study 05, Solving Super-Synchronous Vibration on a Double Suction Pump
William D. Marscher, P.E., Maki M. Onari

Case Study 06, The Effect of Foundation Piers on the Natural Frequencies of a Vertically Mounted Sewage Pump in Resonance with Vane Pass Excitations
Paul A. Boyadjis

Case Study 07, Diagnosing and Correcting a Damaging Below-Ground Column Natural Frequency in a Vertical Pump Using Field Testing and FEA
Paul A. Boyadjis, Maki M. Onari

Case Study 08, Hydraulic Evaluation of an Off-Shore Pumping Station
Augusto Garcia-Hernandez, Hector Delgado-Garibay



Discussion Group P1/T1, Couplings and Alignment
Discussion Leaders: Thomas Davidson, Coordinator (Linde LLC, LaPorte, TX)
Terry Roehm (Marathon Oil Company, Houston, TX)
Morgan M. Bruck (Hydraulic, Measurement, and Inspection Consulting, LLC, Dayton, OH)
Michael Johnson (GenOn, Houston, TX)
Chris Rackman (John Crane Flexibox, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group P2/T2, Monitoring Vibrations and Other Critical Machine Conditions
Discussion Leaders: William D. Marscher, Coordinator (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Ron Adams, Coordinator (Sulzer Pumps, Brookshire, TX)
Mike Pepper, Coordinator (ExxonMobil, Houston, TX)
Steve Locke, Coordinator (DuPont, Old Hickory, TN)
Thomas Kaiser (Sulzer Pumps Inc., Brookshire, TX)
Paul Boyadjis (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Al Miller (Flowserve Corporation, Taneytown, MD)
Jack Claxton (Patterson Pump Company, Toccoa, GA)
Maki Onari (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY)

Discussion Group P4/T4, Gears
Discussion Leaders: Cliff Cook (CVC Engineering, Houston, TX)
Lisa Ford, Coordinator (Lufkin Industries, Pollok, TX)
Greg Elliott (Lufkin Industries, Pollok, TX)
Marc Hagn (Enterprise Products, Seymour, IN)

Discussion Group P5/T5, Lubrication
Discussion Leaders: Charlie Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Houston, TX)
Leslie Thilagan (Bechtel Corporation, Houston, TX)
Kerry Gunn (LyondellBasell, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group P6, Centrifugal Pump Operation, Maintenance, and Reliability
Discussion Leaders: Jacek Jarosz, Coordinator (Flint Hills Resources, Houston, TX)
Kerry Gunn, Coordinator (LyondellBasell, Houston, TX)
Dale Atwell (Celanese Corporation, Florence, KY)
Watson Tomlinson (Flowserve Corporation, Mount Holly, NC)
Ralph Borchard (LyondellBasell, Houston, TX)
Luis Gonzalez (Flint Hills Resources, Pine Bend Refinery, Rosemount, MN)
William McCullough (Flint Hills Resources, Pine Bend Refinery, Rosemount, MN)

Discussion Group P7, Mechanical Seals
Discussion Leaders: Mike Huebner, Coordinator (Flowserve Corporation, Deer Park, TX)
Henri Azibert, Coordinator (A.W. Chesterson Company, Groveland, MA)
Eric Vanhie (EagleBurgmann, Houston, TX)
Shifeng Wu (A.W. Chesterson Company, Groveland, MA)

Discussion Group P8, Vertical Pump Problems and Solutions
Discussion Leaders: Eric Vanhie, Coordinator (EagleBurgmann, Houston, TX)
Bob Davis (Sulzer Pumps, Brookshire, TX)

Discussion Group P9, Sealless Pumps
Discussion Leaders: Ron Carlson, Coordinator (Flint Hills Resources, Corpus Christi, TX)
Dan Wood (Dupont, Wilmington, DE)
Jim Lobach (Teikoku/Chempump, Warminster, PA)
Dennis Fegan (Powerdyne Consultants, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group P10, Pipeline Application
Discussion Leaders: Bill Litton, Coordinator (Magellan Midstream Partners LP, Tulsa, OK)
Bruce Weber, Coordinator (Champion, Houston, TX)
Morg Bruck (Hydraulic, Measurement, and Inspection Consulting, LLC, Dayton, OH)
Ralph Dickau (Enbridge Pipelines, Edmonton, Canada)
George Maddox (Best Pumpworks, Tyler, TX)
Mike Nigro (Weir Services, Deer Park, TX)

Discussion Group P11, Energy Savings Through Facility Organization
Discussion Leaders: Joe Silvaggio, Coordinator (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Inc., Trenton, NJ)
Chris Zielewski, Coordinator (ExxonMobil Chemical, Baton Rouge, LA)

Discussion Group P12, Improving Mean Time Between Pump Failures
Discussion Leaders: John P. Joseph II, Coordinator (Rotating Equipment Systems, LLC, Friendswood, TX)
Bill Litton, Coordinator (Magellan Midstream Partners LP, Tulsa, OK)
Mike Smith (Flowserve Corporation, Irving, TX)
Morg Bruck (Hydraulic, Measurement, and Inspection Consulting, LLC, Dayton, OH)


Short Course P1/T1, Vibration Problems and Solutions in Pumps and Turbomachinery
William B. Marscher, Paul A. Boyadjis, Maki M. Onari (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)

Short Course P2/T2, The Utilization of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Turbomachinery Design and Analysis
Dr. Edward M. Bennett and Travis A Jonas (Mechanical Solutions Incorporated); Vishwas Iyengar (Prospect Flow Solutions, Houston, TX); Grant O. Musgrove and Andrew H. Lerche (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX); James Hardin (Elliot Company, Jeanette, PA)

Short Course P3, Pumps 101
John P. Joseph II (Rotating Equipment System Technical Association, Friendswood, TX) and Daniel Wood (DuPont, Wilmington, DE)

Short Course P4, Fundamentals of Centrifugal Pump and System Interaction
Michael Volk (Volk & Associates, Inc., Oakland, CA)

Short Course P5, Pump Cavitation Physics, Prediction, Control, and Troubleshooting
Bruno Schiavello (Flowserve Pump Division, Phillipsburg, NJ) and Frank C. Visser (Flowserve Pump Division, Etten-Leur, Netherlands)

Short Course P6, Ever-Tightening Environmental Regulations - Meet Them or Shut Down
Henri Azibert (A.W. Chesterton Company, Groveland, MA), Ron Carlson (Flint Hills Resources, Corpus Christi, TX), Rich Davis and Brian Hasha (Flexitallic L.P., Deer Park, TX), Peter Koegl (Hermetic Pumps, Houston, TX)

Short Course P7, Mechanical Seals 101
Michael Huebner (Flowserve Corporation, Deer Park, TX), Henri Azibert (A.W. Chesterton, Groveland, MA), Eric Boyce (John Crane, Webster, TX), Eric Vanhie (EagleBurgmann, Houston, TX)

Short Course P8, Rolling Element Bearings
Brian Dahmer (SKF USA Inc., Lansdale, PA), Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY), Bob Eisenmann (BP), Terry Roehm (Marathon Oil), Morg Bruck (Hydraulic, Measurement, and Inspection Consulting, LLC, Dayton, OH)

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