29th International Pump User Symposium (2013)

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Lecture P1: Implementation and Long-step Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM) for Subsea Applications

Costin Ifrim (FMC Technologies, Fullerton, CA)

Lecture P2: Vertically-Suspended Pumps with Water-Lubricated Rubber Bearings - Experimental Identification of Dynamic Stiffness Coefficients

Shibing Liu (USC)
Paul W. Behnke (ITT Corporation, Goulds Pumps)
Bingen Yang (USC)
Lily Ding (ITT Corporation, Goulds Pumps)

Lecture P3: Effect of Component Interference Fit and Fluid Density on the Lateral and Torsional Natural Frequencies of Turbomachinery Rotor Systems

William D. Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., NJ)
Juan Gamarra
Paul Boyadjis
Joseph Gruener

Lecture P4: Design and verification testing of new balance piston for High Boost Multiphase Pumps

Pierre-Jean Bibet (TOTAL)
Victor A. Lumpkin (Framo Engineering, Bergen, Norway)
Knut Harald Klepsvik (Framo Engineering, Bergen, Norway)
Hakon Grimstad (Framo Engineering, Bergen, Norway)

Lecture P5: Influence of Impeller Suction Specific Speed on Vibration Performance

Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY)
David Cowan (ITT Goulds Pumps, Basingstoke, UK)
Thomas Liebner (ITT Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY)

Lecture P6: High Speed Arrangement 1 Seals in Water Injection Service

Chris Riché (Flowserve)

Lecture P7: Collection of Field Data Using Wireless Instrumentation for Pump and System Evaluation

Steven Kochaniec (Flowserve, Bethlehem, PA)
Alan Miller (Flowserve, Taneytown, MD)
Keith Aschemeier (ARCADIS, Toledo, OH)
Scott Shults (Flowserve, Bethlehem, PA)
David Nitz (Brown and Caldwell, Dublin, OH)


Tutorial P1: An End-User's Guide to Centrifugal Pump Rotordynamics (presented twice)

William D. Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)

Tutorial P2: Advancements in Mechanical Sealing - API 682 Fourth Edition

Michael Huebner (Flowserve, Deer Park, TX)
Gordon Buck (John Crane Inc., Baton Rouge, LA)
Henri Azibert (A.W. Chesterton Co., Groveland, MA)

Tutorial P3: Developing a Maintenance Philosophy for Your Plant

John P. Joseph II (Rotating Equipment Systems Technical Associates, LLC)

Tutorial P4: Design of Pump Casings: Guidelines for a Systematic Evaluation of Centrifugal Pump Pressure Boundary Failure Modes and their Mechanisms

Michael Singer (Sulzer Pumps Ltd., Winterthur, Switzerland)
Torsten Johne (Sulzer Pumps Ltd., Winterthur, Switzerland)

Tutorial P5: Breaking the Cycle of Pump Repairs

Heinz Bloch (Process Machinery Consulting, Westminster, CO)

Tutorial P6: Leakage Detection and Containment Strategies for Single Mechanical Seals

Michael Huebner (Flowserve Corporation, Deer Park, TX)

Tutorial P7: Witness Testing of API 610 Centrifugal Pumps and API 611 Steam Turbines

Nirmal "Nick" Ganatra (FMC Technologies, Inc., Houston, TX)
R.C. Patel (Consultant)

Tutorial P8: Bearing Maintenance Practices to Ensure Maximum Bearing Life

Brian P. Dahmer (SKF USA Inc., Lansdale, PA)

Tutorial P9: CO2 Capture and Pumping

Ronald Adams (Sulzer Pumps)

Tutorial P10: The Evolution of Successful Elimination of Electro-Corrosion in Mechanical Seals for Reactor- and Boiler Feed Water Pumps Handling Ultra-Pure Water

Gerard van Loenhout (Flowserve Corporation, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands)
Joshua K. Benedict (Flowserve Corporation, Temecula, CA)

Case Studies

Case Study Pump Session 1A

CSP1: River Water Pump Cyclic Vibration

Thomas Manning, David Serge (DuPont)

CSP2: Resolving Vibration Issues of Diesel Engine Driven Fire Water Pumps

Sherief Mekawey (GE-Bently Nevada)

Case Study Pump Session 1B

CSP4: Improving Pump Reliability and Longevity by Running in the Sweet Zone

Joseph Silvaggio
Carolyn Smith (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Inc.)

CSP5: Elevated Pressure Pulsation in a Methanol Injection Reciprocating Pump System

Walter Kelm
Ray Kelm (Kelm Engineering, LLC, Friendswood, TX)

CSP6: Boiler Feed Water Pumps Performance Loss

Amr Mohamed Gad (RasGas)
Nicholas White (RasGas)

Case Study Pump Session 2

CSP7: Separation Seal Upgrade to Overcome Repetitive Failures

Pradip Sonavane
Mohamed AbdelKhalek
Quraisy Shatri (RasGas)

CSP8: Severe Casing and Impeller Erosion: Analysis and Resolution

Tete Sedalo (Flowserve)

CSP9: Hydraulic Upgrade of Hot Water Circulation Pumps in a District Heating System

Frank Visser (Flowserve)

Discussion Groups

Discussion Group P1/T1: Monitoring Vibration and Other Critical Machine

William D. Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Steve Locke (DuPont, Wilmington DE)
Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps, Houston, TX)
Dag Calafel (Exxon-Mobil, Houston, TX)
Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds, Seneca Falls, NY)
Al Miller (Flowserve Corp., Taneytown, MD)
Jack Claxton (Patterson Pump Company, Taccoa, GA)
Juan Gamarra (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Maki Onari (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Ed Watson (Dupont, Houston, TX)
Charlie Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Houston, TX)
Hans Weyermann (ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group P2/T2: Couplings and Alignment

Thomas Davidson, Coordinator (Linde LLC, LaPorte, TX)
Terry Roehm (Marathon Oil Company, Houston, TX)
Morgan M. Bruck (HMICLLC, Dayton, OH)
Michael Johnson (NRG)
Chris Rackman (John Crane Flexibox, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group P3/T3: Gears

Lisa Ford (Lufkin Industries, Inc., TX)
Joseph Silvaggio (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, NJ)
Robert Eisenmann (BP)
David Earl (ConocoPhillips, AK)

Discussion Group P4/T4: Lubrication

Leslie Thilagan (Bechtel Company, Houston, TX)
Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA)
Charles Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Houston, TX)
Jeff Buck (Shell Projects and Technology, Houston, TX)
Alex Schaefer (Elliott Group, Belle Vernon, PA)

Discussion Group P5: Centrifugal Pump Operation, Maintenance, and Reliability

Scott McPherson, Coordinator (Sulzer Pumps (US), Inc.)
Jacek Jarosz, Coordinator (Flint Hills Resources, Houston, TX)
Watson Tomlinson (Flowserve Corporation, Mount Holly, NC)
Ralph Borchard (Chevron Co., Houston, TX)
Luis Gonzalez (Phillips 66, Houston, TX)
William McCollough (Flint Hills Resources, Rosemount, MN)
Rhett Martin (Flint Hills Resources, Port Arthur, TX)

Discussion Group P6: Mechanical Seals

Michael Huebner, Coordinator (Flowserve Corporation, Deer Park, TX)
Henri Azibert, Coordinator (A.W. Chesterton Company, Groveland, MA)
Eric Vanhie (EagleBurgmann, Houston, TX)
Shifeng Wu (A.W. Chesterton. Groveland, MA)

Discussion Group P7: Improving Mean Time Between Pump Failures

John P. Joseph II (Rotating Equipment Systems, LLC, Friendswood, TX)
Bill Litton (Magellan Midstream Partners LP, Tulsa, OK)
Mike Smith (Flowserve Corporation, Irving, TX)
Morg Bruck (HMICLLC, Dayton, OH)

Discussion Group P8: Vertical Pump Problems and Solutions

Bob Davis (Sulzer Pumps, Brookshire, TX)
Eric Vanhie (EagleBurgmann, Houston, TX)
Mike Smith (Flowserve Corporation, West Chicago, IL)
Paul Behnke (Goulds Pumps)
Jim Kilgore (Motiva, Port Arthur, TX)

Discussion Group P9: Sealless Pumps

Ron Carlson
Denny Fegan (Powerdyne Consultants)
Gene Baker (LyondellBasell)

Discussion Group P10: Pipeline Applications

Bill Litton
Bruce Weber
Morg Bruck
Ralph Dickau
George Maddox
Mike Nigro
Marc Hagn

Discussion Group P11: Subsea Pumps and Drivers

Bob Heyl (Chevron)
Pierre-Jean Bibet (TOTAL)
Thom Eldridge (Shell)
Nils Solvik (Framo Engineering)
Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps)
Roland Maurischat (Leistritz)
Nicky Necker (EagleBurgmann)
Kerem Karaman (FMTCI)

Short Courses

Short Course P1/T1: Vibration Problems and Solutions in Pumps and Turbomachinery

William D. Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Eric J. Olson (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Maki M. Onari (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)

Short Course P2/T2: Buying and Selling Serial #1

Mike Drosjack (Drosjack Consulting)
Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps)
Harry Miller (Dresser-Rand)
Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand)

Short Course P3: Pumps 101

John P. Joseph II (Rotating Equipment Sys. Tech. Assn., Friendswood, TX)
Daniel Wood (DuPont, Wilmington, DE)

Short Course P4: Fundamentals of Centrifugal Pump and System Interaction

Michael Volk (Volk & Associates, Inc.)

Short Course P5: Pump Cavitation - Physics, Prediction, Control, Troubleshooting

Bruno Schiavello (Flowserve Pump Division, Phillispburg, NJ)
Frank C. Visser (Flowserve Pump Division, Etten-Leur, Netherlands)

Short Course P6: The Effective Use of Sealing Technology to Meet the Ever-Tightening Environmental Regulations

Ron Carlson
Henri V. Azibert (A.W. Chesterton Company)
Charlie Miskell (Intertech, Inc.)
Peter Koegl (Hermetic Pumps)

Short Course P7: Advanced Mechanical Seals 201 - Demystifying Piping Plans and Support Systems

Michael Huebner (Flowserve Corporation)
Gordon S. Buck (John Crane Inc.)
Henri Azibert (A.W. Chesterton Co.)
Eric Vanhie (EagleBurgmann Industries)

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