30th International Pump User Symposium (2014)

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Lecture P1: What Constitutes 'High Energy' in Centrifugal Pumps?
Author: Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps)
Lecture P2: Repetitive Shaft Crack Failure Analysis on a Multistage Centrifugal Pump in Reactor Charge Service in a Nuclear Power Plant - Based on ODS and FEA
Authors: Maki Onari (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.), Victor G. Arzani (Duke Energy)
Lecture P3: The Development, Testing, and Successful Application of Arrangement 2 Seals for CO2 Pipelines
Authors: Lionel A. Young and Berhanu Wondimu (Flowserve Corporation)
Lecture P4: A Lateral Rotordynamics Primer on Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) for Deep Subsea Applications
Authors: Dr. Dara W. Childs, Clay S. Norrbin, Stephen Phillips (Texas A&M University)
Lecture P5: Preview of API 610 12th Edition
Authors: Roger L. Jones (KBR), Frank Korkowski (Flowserve)
Lecture P6: Factors Affecting Oil Ring and Slinger Lubricant Delivery & Stability
Authors: Simon Bradshaw and Jeremy Hawa (ITT Goulds Pumps), John Salerno (JCS Design)


Tutorial P1: Witness Testing of API 610 Centrifugal Pumps and API 611 Steam Turbines
Authors: Nirmal "Nick" Ganatra (FMC Technologies, Inc.) and R.C. Patel (Consultant)
Tutorial P2: Considerations for Dual Pressurized Gas Seals in Pump Applications
Authors: Michael Huebner and Joe Barker (Flowserve)
Tutorial P3: Pumping & Compression of CO2
Authors: Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps), Harry Miller (Dresser-Rand)
Tutorial P4: Maintenance Philosophy
Author: John P. Joseph II (Rotating Equipment Systems, LLC)
Tutorial P5: Breaking the Cycle of Pump Repairs
Author: Heinz P. Bloch (Process Machinery Consulting)
Tutorial P6: Leakage Detection and Containment in Arrangement 1 Seals
Author: Michael Huebner (Flowserve)
Tutorial P7: An End-User's Guide to Centrifugal Pump Rotordynamics
Author: William D. Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
Tutorial P8: The Use of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers in Mechanical Seal Piping Plans
Author: Kyle Snyder (Flowserve Corporation)
Tutorial P9: Advancements in Mechanical Sealing - API 682 Fourth Edition
Presenters: Michael Huebner (Flowserve), Henri Azibert (Fluid Sealing Association), Peter Bowden (John Crane)
Tutorial P10: So What Did We Learn about Pumps During the Past 20 Years?
Authors: Anton E. Cattaert, Gugulethu Ngcobo, Willem van der Westhuizen (ESKOM)

Discussion Groups

Discussion Group P1/T1: Monitoring Vibration and Other Critical Machine Conditions
  • William Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
  • Steve Locke (DuPont)
  • Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps)
  • Dag Calafell (ExxonMobil)
  • Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds)
  • Al Miller (Flowserve)
  • Jack Claxton (Patterson Pump Company)
  • Juan Gamarra (Mechnical Solutions, Inc.)
  • Ed Watson (DuPont)
Discussion Group P2/T2: Couplings and Alignment
  • Thomas Davidson (Linde, LLC)
  • Terry Roehm (Marathon Oil Company)
  • Morgan M. Bruck (HMICLLC)
  • Chris Rackham (John Crane Flexibox)
  • Mark Oneil (Altra Couplings)
Discussion Group P3/T3: Gears
  • Lisa Ford (Lufkin)
  • Joseph Silvaggio (Siemens)
  • Robert Eisenmann (BP)
  • David Earl (ConocoPhillips)
Discussion Group P4/T4: Lubrication
  • Leslie Thilagan (S&B Engineers & Constructors)
  • Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group)
  • Charles Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Inc.)
  • Jeff Buck (Shell Projects and Technology)
  • Alex Schaefer (Elliott Group)
Discussion Group P5: Centrifugal Pump Operation, Maintenance, and Reliability
  • Jacek Jarosz (Flint Hills Resources)
  • Ralph Borchard (Chevron)
  • Scott McPherson (Sulzer)
  • Watson Tomlinson (Flowserve)
  • Luis Gonzalez (Phillips 66)
  • William McCollough (Flint Hills Resources)
  • Rhett Martin (Flint Hills Resources)
Discussion Group P6: Mechanical Seals
  • Michael Huebner (Flowserve)
  • Henri Azibert (Fluid Sealing Association)
  • Shifeng Wu (A.W. Chesterton)
  • John Merrill (EagleBurgmann)
Discussion Group P7: Improving Mean Time Between Pump Failures
  • John P. Joseph II (Rotating Equipment Systems, LLC)
  • Bill Litton (Magellan Midstream Partners LP)
  • Mike Smith (Flowserve)
  • Dave Depaolis (Flowserve)
Discussion Group P8: Vertical Pump Problems and Solutions
  • Paul Behnke (Goulds Pumps)
  • Bob Davis (Sulzer)
  • Jim Kilgore (Motiva)
  • Mike Smith (Flowserve)
  • Eric Vanhie (EagleBurgmann)
Discussion Group P9: Sealless Pumps
  • Daniel Wood (DuPont)
  • Denny Fegan (Powerdyne Consultants)
  • Gene Baker (LyondellBasell)
  • James Lobach (Teikoku USA)
Discussion Group P10: Pipeline Applications
  • Bill Litton (Magellan Midstream Partners LP)
  • Bruce Weber (Champion)
  • Ralph Dickau (Enbridge Pipelines)
  • George Maddox (Best Pumpworks)
  • Mike Nigro (Weir Services)
  • Marc Hagn (Enterprise)
Discussion Group P11: Subsea Pumps and Drivers
  • Bob Heyl (Chevron retiree)
  • Pierre-Jean Bibet (TOTAL)
  • Thom Eldridge (Shell)
  • Nils Solvik (Framo)
  • Ron Adams (Sulzer)
  • Roland Maurischat (Leistritz)
  • Nicky Necker (EagleBurgmann)
  • Rune Ramberg (Statoil)
  • John Byeseda (Cameron)
  • David Harrold (FMCTI)
Discussion Group P18/T18: Motors & Drives
  • Kevin Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo)
  • Luis Velasco Cohen Lade (Siemens Industry, Inc.)
  • Kai Pietilaeinen (ABB)
  • Ron Boyd (ABB)
  • Bob Krusemark (GE)

Case Studies


Case Study P1: Reliability Improvement of Magnetic Drive Pump for Special Services
Authors: BumSu Kim and SangJu Lee (SK Innovation)
Case Study P2: Vertical Integral Thrust Bearing Upgrade
Author: Landon Cooper (Sulzer Pumps)


Case Study P3: The 'Repair or Replace' Decision of Boiler Feed Pump Impellers
Authors: Joseph A. Silvaggio, Jr. and Carolyn B. Smith (Siemens)
Case Study P4: Morton-Like Effect in a Centrifugal Pump
Author: Maki Onari (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
Case Study P5: Drive Shaft Failure Analysis on a Multistage Vertical Turbine Pump in River Water Supply Service in a Nickel and Cobalt Mine in Madagascar - Based on ODS and FEA
Authors: Juan Gamarra (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.), Paul Behnke (ITT Industries)


Case Study P6: CO2 Pipeline Pump - Pressure Pulsations, Vibrations, Seal Failures - Solution with the Help of Remote Monitoring
Author: Dale Winterhoff (Flowserve Corporation)
Case Study P7: Solution for PD Pump Suction Piping System Pulsation/Vibration Problem
Authors: Eugene "Buddy" L. Broerman, III and Ray G. Durke (Southwest Research Institute)

Short Courses

Short Course P1/T1: Vibration Problems and Solutions in Turbomachinery
Instructors: William D. Marscher, Eric J. Olson, Maki M. Onari, Paul Boyadjis (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
Short Course P2: Advanced Mechanical Seals 201 - Demystifying Piping Plans and Support Systems
Instructors: Michael Huebner (Flowserve), Henri Azibert (Fluid Sealing Association), John Merrill (Eagle Burgmann), Brian Kalfrin (John Crane)
Short Course P3: Pumps 101
Instructors: John P. Joseph II (Rotating Equipment Systems Technical Association), Dan Wood (DuPont)
Short Course P4: Fundamentals of Centrifugal Pump and System Interaction
Instructor: Michael Volk (Volk & Associates)
Short Course P5: Pump Cavitation - Physics, Prediction, Control, Troubleshooting
Instructors: Bruno Schiavello and Fran C. Visser (Flowserve Pump Division)
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