25th International Pump User Symposium (2009)


A Vision and Mission for Pump R&D Over the Next 25 Years
Presented by: Paul Cooper

Contemporary Guide to Mechanical Seal Leakage
Presented by: John B. Merrill

Power Pump Valve Dynamics
Presented by: Terry Henshaw

Dynamic Improvement of an Overhung Single-Stage Pump
Presented by: Giacomo Marenco, Alessandro Nicchio, Alberto Piva

Validation of Numerical Procedure for Assessment of Centrifugal Pump Cavitation Erosion
Presented by: Serguei F. Timouchev, Sergey S. Panaiotti, Vladimir A. Knyazev, Vladimir A. Soldatov

Hybrid Pump—A New Type of Pump for the Pazflor Deep Sea Project
Presented by: Pierre-Jean Bibet, Bernard Quoix, Haakon Grimstad

A Review of Nss Limitations—New Opportunities
Presented by: Michael Hirschberger, Ian James


Acoustics in Pumping Systems
Presented by: Robert J. McKee, Eugene Broerman

Commissioning and Startups of New Units (Pumps)
Presented by: W. Ed Wilcox, Mike White, Gordon Parks

Solving Structural Vibration Problems Using Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) and FEA—Part I & Part II
Presented by: Paul Boyadjis, Maki M. Onari

Best Practices for Operators
Presented by: Julien Le Bleu, Jr.

Special Papers

Pump Cavitation—Various NPSHR Criteria, NPSHA Margins, Impeller Life Expectancy
Presented by: Bruno Schiavello, Frank C. Visser

25 Years of Driving Pump Technology—The Contribution of the Pump Symposium
Presented by: Paul Cooper

Papers Presented But Not Published

A Seal's Eye View of Twenty-Five Pump Symposiums
Presentred by: Gordon Buck

Introduction to Filure Analysis in Mechanical Seals
Presented by:
Michael Hubner

API 676
Presented by: Bob Heyl, Morg Bruck

Case Studies

Case Study 1: BB3 Structural Vibration Problem Resolved Using Analytical Methods
Presenter: Michael Singer, Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc., Portland, OR and Joel Walker, Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc., Odessa, TX

Case Study 2: High Energy Abrasive Service Pump Upgrade
Presenters: Scott McPherson, Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc., Laporte, TX, and Calvin Summa, Valero Refining

Case Study 3: Curing A Booster Pump Joint Face Leak
Presenters: M. Jeratowski, MidAmerican Energy, S. Golinkin, Joseph Silvaggio, and R. Mayberry, Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Inc., Hamilton, NJ

Case Study 4: Improvement of Sliding Bearings Durability in Ultra Pure Water by Diamond Film
Presenters: Yoshio Miyake and Junya Kawabata, EBARA Corp., Fujisawa-shi, Japan

Case Study 5: Replacing Seven Vane Impellers with Eight Vane Impellers Leads to Electric Motor Overload in Nine-Stage Pipeline Pump
Presenters: Robert X. Perez, Enterprise Products, San Antonio, TX, and Dewane Fambrough, Enterprise Products, Midland, TX

Case Study 6: Design, Manufacturing, Assembling, Installation, Startup, and First Operating Experience of a 56 Foot Long Vertical Molten Sulphur Pump
Presenter: Jürgen Weinerth, Friatec AG-Division Rheinhütte Pumpen, Wiesbaden, Germany, Brazil

Case Study 7: Latest Advancements in Mechanical Seal Technology Using Laser Machined SiC Faces to Withstand Electrokinetic Driven Corrosion
Presenters: Gerard van Loenhout, Flowserve Pump Div.., Etten-Leur, The Netherlands Jan J. Traets, Flowserve Flow Solutions Div, Roosendaal, The Netherlands, Rainer Schmerberg, and Klaus Enders, Vattenfall Europe Generation AG&Co. KG, Peitz, Germany

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