26th International Pump User Symposium (2010)


Visualization Study Of The Performance Breakdown In The Two-Phase Performance Of An Electrical Submersible Pump
Jose Gamboa, Mauricio Prado

Improving The Reliability Of A Decoking Jet Pump Train With A Hydrodynamic Variable Speed Drive
Reinaldo Bermudez

Upstream Pumping Technology In Centrifugal Pump Mechanical Sealing Applications—Field Experience With High Duty Seawater Injection Pumps
Vugar A. Mammadov, Agil Yusifov, Ken P. Tacon

An Improved Heat Soak Calculation For Mechanical Seals
Gordon S. Buck, Tsu Yen Chen

Improving Reliability In A High Static Head System Through VFD Application
Guilherme Vasconcellos Martins, Enio von Haehling Lima

Assessment Of Wear Erosion In Pump Impellers
Susanne Krüger, Nicolas Martin, Philippe Dupont

Pressurized Dual Mechanical Seals Supporting Piping Plan Developments
Richard Smith

Risk-Based Pump Seal Selection Guideline Complementing ISO 21049/API 682
Michael Goodrich


Materials Selection For Seawater Pumps
Stephen J. Morrow

Hydraulic Modeling And Simulation Of Pumping Systems
Augusto Garcia-Hernandez, Melissa Wilcox, Thomas Moore

Conversion Of A Pipeline Station From Centrifugal To Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps
Morg M. Bruck, Barry A. Butler, Michael L. Moore

Mechanical Seal Performance And Related Calculations
Tom Arnold, Chris Fone


Case Study 01: Corrosion and Materials Issues in Converting a Conventional Pump to a Canned Motor Pump - Experience Is What You Have Just after You Needed it
Ron Carlson, Flint Hills Resources, Corpus Christi, TX

Case Study 02: Modeling and Simulation Transient Analysis Case Study of a Liquids Gathering System
Augusto Garcia-Hernandez and Thomas Moore, and, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX

Case Study 03: Simple Hydraulic Retrofit Solves Field Vibration Problem of a Horizontal Pump
Mike Cugal and Doug Knapp, Grundfos CBS, Inc., Brookshire, TX

Case Study 04: The True Cost of External Seal Flush (Piping Plan 32)
Richard Smith, AESSEAL plc, Upminster, UK

Case Study 05: Experience with API Plan 53B Pressurized Dual Seal Systems
Roger Jones, Consulting, Houston, TX

Case Study 06: Mechanical Vibration Testing Reciprocating Pumps
Zach Kokel, FMA Industries Inc., Stephenville, TX, and B.J. Dyck, Chevron Energy Technology Co., Houston, TX

Case Study 07: Investigation and Resolution of Intermittent Loss of Flow in a Diaphragm Metering Pump
Gregory Frantz, DuPont, Wilmington, DE

Case Study 08: Evaluating and Correcting Subsynchronous Vibration in Vertical Pumps
Malcolm Leader, Applied Machinery Dynamics Co., Dickinson, TX, Kelly Connor, and Jamie Lucas, LyondellBasell Houston Refining

Case Study 09: Dramatic Vibration Improvement Due to Ring-Section Pump Foundation Repair Based on ODS in a Power Plant
Maki M. Onari, Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ, William Hausman, Constellation Energy, Nesquelhoning, PA, and Mark Fry, Hydro East Inc., Aston, PA

Case Study 10: Fast and Ultimate Vibration Field Solution: From Problem Detection to Field Performance Validation
Giancarlo Cicatelli, G. Panceri, A. Scotti, Flowserve Pump Div. Worthington Srl, Desio, Italy, and Bruno Schiavello, Flowserve Pump Div., Phillipsburg, NJ

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