37th Turbomachinery Symposium (2008)


Lecture 1: Tilting Pad Journal Bearing Starvation Effects
presented by: John C. Nicholas, Rotating Machinery Technology, Inc., Wellsville, NY, Greg Elliott, Lufkin Industries, Thomas P. Shoup, Rotating Machinery Technology, Inc., Wellsville, NY, and Ed Martin, Lufkin Industries, Lufkin, TX

Lecture 2: Journal Bearing Vibration and SSV Hash
presented by: Scan M. DeCamillo, Kingsbury, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, Minhui He, and C. Hunter Cloud, BRG Machinery Consulting, LLC, Charlottesville, VA

Lecture 3: Investigation of Corrosion Fatigue Phenomena in Transient Zone and Preventive Coating and Blade Design Against Fouling and Corrosive Environment for Mechanical Drive Turbines
presented by: Satoshi Hata, Naoyuki Nagai, Toyoaki Yasui, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Hiroshima, Japan, and, Hiroshi Tsukamoto, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan

Lecture 4: Design and Mitigation Techniques for Applications with Possible Liquid Contamination of the Sealing Gas Dry Gas Seal System
presented by: James F. McCraw, BP America, Houston, TX, Vladimir Bakalchuk, and Richard Hosanna, John Crane Inc., Morton Grove, IL

Lecture 5: Torsional Vibration Problem with Motor/ID Fan System Due to PWM Variable Frequency Drive
presented by: Troy Feese, Engineering Dynamics Inc., San Antonio, TX, and Ryan Maxfield, Tesoro Refining & Marketing Co., Martinez, CA

Lecture 6: Torsional Interharmonic Interaction Study of 75 MW Direct-Driven VSDS Motor Compressor Trains for LNG Duty
presented by: Volker Hutten, Siemens Power Generation, Duisburg, Germany, Rainer Zurowski, Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution Services, Erlangen, Germany, Martin Hilscher, Siemens Automation and Drives, Nurnberg, Germany

Lecture 7: A New Method of Accurately Identifying the Location and Movement of Forward and Backward Bending Modes Using Magnetically Suspended Rotor Systems
presented by: Jigger Jumonville, Mafi-Trench Co., LLC, Santa Maria, CA

Lecture 8: World's First 10,000 PSI Sour Gas Injection Compressor
presented by: Bruce Hopper, Consultant, Leonardo Baldassarre, GE Oil&Gas, Irvin Deviteaux, TengizChevroil, John Fulton, Exxon Mobil Research and Engineering, Pete Rasmussen, Exxon Mobil Upstream Research Co., Houston, TX, Alberto Tesei, GE Oil&Gas, Jim Demetriou, and Sam Mishael, Chevron Energy Technology Co.

Lecture 9: Prediction of Subsynchronous Rotor Vibration Amplitude Caused by Rotating Stall
presented by: Masayuki Kita, Shinji Iwamoto, Daisuke Kiuchi, Katsuya Yamashita, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Hiroshima, Japan, and Rinpei Kawashita, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Hyougo, Japan

Lecture 10: Life Cycle Assessment of Turbomachinery for Offshore Applications -- Updated with Field Data
presented by: Marcelo Accorsi Miranda, Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS), Niteroi, Brazil, and Orlando Guerreiro Meira, Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lecture 11: A DNV Modeled Qualification Process for a Turbocompressor Incorporating a Rotary Separator Known as the Integrated Compression System
presented by: Gocha Chochua, Jose Gilarranz, H. Allan Kidd, and William Maier, Dresser-Rand Co., Olean, New York

Lecture 12: Dynamic Instabilities in Industrial Compression Systems with Centrifugal Compressors
presented by: Kamal K. Botros, Nova Chemicals Corporation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Subramaniam T. Ganesan, Bantrel Co., Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Tutorial 1: Rotordynamic Design Audits of AMB Supported Machinery
presented by: Erik E. Swanson, Xdot Engineering and Analysis, Charlottesville, VA, Eric H. Maslen, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Guoxin Li, and C. Hunter Cloud, BRG Machinery Consulting, Charlottesville, VA

Tutorial 2: The Synchronous Rotor Instability Phenomenon (Morton Effect)
presented by: Frits M. de Jongh, TurboCare B.V., Hengelo, The Netherlands

Tutorial 3: Emerging Advanced Technologies to Assess Reliability of Industrial Steam Turbine Blade Design
presented: Murari Singh, GE Oil & Gas, Bethlehem, PA, and Michael Drosjack, Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc., Houston, TX

Tutorial 4: A Review of Aerodynamically Induced Forces Acting on Centrifugal Compressors, and Resulting Vibration Characteristics of Rotors
presented by: Jim Sorokes and Tom Soulas, Dresser-Rand Co., Olean, NY
NOTE: This paper was published in 2000, so will not be reproduced in the Proceedings, per copyright restrictions.

Tutorial 5: Selection of Materials and Material Related Processes for Centrifugal Compressors and Steam Turbines in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry
presented by: Phillip Dowson, Derrick Bauer, and Scot Laney, Elliott Co., Jeannette, PA

Tutorial 6: Steam Turbine Corrosion and Deposits -- Problems and Solutions
presented by: Otakar Jonas and Lee Machemer, Jonas, Inc., Wilmington, DE


Case Study 01: Vibrations in High Pressure Centrifugal Compressors of Offshore Platforms
Roberto Firmento de Noronha

Case Study 02: Evaluation and Successful Modification of Impeller Using Forced Response Analysis
Bhabesh K. Thakur, Hui Kuang, Robert Huffman, Murari P. Singh

Case Study 03: Designing Oil-Free Screw Compressor Systems for Acoustic Resonance During Shop Testing, Field Startup, and Process Operation
William C. Egan, James H. Hudson

Case Study 04: Steam Turbine Pipe Strain Case Study
Kevin Yates

Case Study 05: Bearing Issues with a Flooded Screw Compressor
John K. Whalen, Charles Nagengast, Julia Postill, Will Lowry

Case Study 06: Startup of Parallel Turboexpander-Compressor Units Operating in Hydrocarbon Processing Plants
Doug Bird, Reza R. Agahi, Behrooz Ershaghi

Case Study 07: Development and Implementation of VFD Active Damping to Smooth Torsional Vibrations on a Geared Train
Lorenzo Naldi, Paola Rotondo, John A. Kocur, Jr.

Case Study 08: Torsional Oscillation Trouble on VFD Motor Driven Recip Compressor
Joseph P. Corcoran, John A. Kocur, Jr.

Case Study 09: VFD Induced Coupling Failure
Joseph P. Corcoran, John A. Kocur, Jr.

Case Study 10: Solving Structural Vibration Problems Using Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis
Eric J. Olson, Maki M. Onari

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