41st Turbomachinery Symposium (2012)

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Lecture 01, Analysis Of Solid Particle Surface Impact Behavior In Turbomachines To Assess Blade Erosion And Fouling
Klaus Brun, Ph.D., Marybeth Nored, Rainer Kurz, Ph.D.

Lecture 02, Valve Performance And Life Of Reciprocating Compressors
Klaus Brun, Ph.D., Marybeth Nored

Lecture 03, Fixed Speed Compressors Operation In Offshore Production Platforms
Fabio de Norman et d'Audenhove, Andre Varella Guedes (MSc), Michel Stathakis Neto (MSc), Bruno da Silva Marques (MSc)

Lecture 04, 'C' Type Ptfe Gaskets Performances In High Pressure Sour Applications
Leonardo Baldassarre,Marco Pelella

Lecture 05, Steady State Performance Prediction Of Directly Lubricated Fluid Film Journal Bearings
Minhui He, James M. Byrne, C. Hunter Cloud, Jose A. Vazquez

Lecture 06, Early Detection Of Rotating Stall Phenomenon In Centrifugal Compressors By Means Of Asme Ptc 10 Type 2 Test
Leonardo Ishimoto, Raphael Timbo Silva, Joilson de Souza Rangel Junior, Marcelo Accorsi Miranda, Fabio de Norman Et Audehove, Bruno da Silva Marques, Leonardo Baldassarre, Christophe Puaut

Lecture 07, A Comparison of Manufacturing Methods, Accuracy, Quality Control and Testing Methods a They Relate to High Head Low Flow Impeller Efficiency and Overall Compressor Performance
Nathan Pash, George C. Hayles, Jr., Daisuke Hirata, Daisuke Kiuchi

Lecture 08, Impact Of Electrical Noise On The Torsional Response Of Vfd Compressor Trains
John A. Kocur, Jr. Ph.D., Maximilian G. Muench M.S.

Lecture 09, Co2 Compression At World's Largest Carbon Dioxide Injection Project
Antonio Musardo, Marco Pelella, Vinod Patel, Mark Weatherwax, Gabriele Giovani, Sergio Cipriani

Lecture 10, Centrifugal Stage Performance Prediction And Validation For High Mach Number Applications
Steven C. Kowalski, Jorge E. Pacheco, PhD, Syed Fakhri, James M. Sorokes

Lecture 11, Centrifugal Compressor Sidestream Sectional Performance Prediction Methodology
Syed Fakhri, Jorge Pacheco, Jay Koch

Lecture PNP, New Advances In Pulse Width Modulated Slip Power Recovery Drives For Pumps Evaluation of Bearing Designs for a Multistage Centrifugal Compressor Using a Magnetic Exciter
Donghui Zhang, Wolfgang Faller, Chester Lee

Lecture 12, Effectiveness of Windage Features on High Speed Couplings
Steven Pennington, Klaus-Dieter Meck



Tutorial 01, Gas Seal Contamination
Raphael Bridon, Olivier Lebigre

Tutorial 02, Range Versus Efficiency - Striking The Proper Balance
James M. Sorokes

Tutorial 03, Pulsation, Vibration, And Noise Issues With Wet and Dry Screw Compressors
Donald R. Smith

Tutorial 04, Introduction To Engineering Ethics With Rotating Machinery Case Studies
Robert X. Perez

Tutorial 05, Buying / Selling Serial #1
Michael J. Drosjack, Ph.D., Harry F. Miller, James M. Sorokes

Tutorial 06, Simplified Modal Analysis For The Plant Machinery Engineer
Jose A. Vazquez, C. Hunter Cloud, Robert J. Eizember

Tutorial 07, Gas Turbine Performance And Maintenance
Rainer Kurz, Klaus Brun, Cyrus Meher-Homji, Jeff Moore

Tutorial 08, Babbitted Bearing Health Assessment
John K. Whalen, P.E., Jim Allen, Thomas D. Hess, Jr., P.E., Jack Craighton, CLS

Tutorial 09, VSDS Motor Inverter Design Concept For Compressor Trains Avoiding Interharmonics In Operating Speed Range
Volker Hutten, Christian Beer, Tim Krause, Sven Demmig

Tutorial 10, Torsional Natural Frequencies: Measurement Vs. Prediction
Qingyu Wang, Troy D. Feese, Brian C. Pettinato

Tutorial PNP, Comparison Of Different Variable Speed Compression Train Configurations With Respect To Rotordynamic Stability And Torsional Integrity
Reto Somaini, Baumann Urs, Yves Bidaut



Case Study 01, Coaxial Barrier Seal Operated As A Separation Seal In A Pipeline Compressor
Henk Blekkenhorst, Huub de Bruijn, Christian Bonfert, Ferdinand Werdecker

Case Study 02, Hydrate Occurrence in Centrifugal Compressor Systems
Orlando Donda Filho, Eder Ramalho, Pedro Antonio Lima Donda

Case Study 03, DLN Retrofit In Two Frame 7 Gas Turbines Rasgas LNG Company-Qatar
Amr Gad, Atul Deshpande, RasGas, Qatar

Case Study 04, Reliable Compression of Sour and other Process Gases - Special Rolling Bearings for Oil-flooded Screw Compressors
Lars Kahlman

Case Study 05, Avoiding Cascading Trips on Interdependent TurboMachinery
Wayne Jacobson

Case Study 06, Energy Savings Through Effective Interstage Pipe Design of Centrifugal Compressor Stages
Eric Huss

Case Study 07, Protecting Magnetic Bearings from External Factors and Process Contaminations
Behrooz Ershaghi, Faisa Saez, Marc LeDuc

Case Study 08, Compressor Failures due to CO2 Corrosion
Bruno da Silva Marques, Andre Varella Guedes, Fabio de Norman et d'Audenhove, Roberto Firmento de Noronha, Carlos Alexandre Castanharo, Gabriel dos Reis Fernandes

Case Study 09, Noise Trouble Shooting on a Variable Speed Planetary Gear Application for Off-Shore Process Gas Compressor
Hans Schirle, Daisuke Hirata, Nathan Pash, George C. Hayles, Jr.

Case Study 10, How Important Are The Protection Systems & Valve Design That Can Contribute To The Equipment Integrity On Reciprocating Compressors
Udayashankar, P. Eng., MBA,CMRP

Case Study 12, Improving Reliability On A Centrifugal Compressor Experiencing Frequent Bearing Failures
Julia Postill, PE, Dan Hunt

Case Study 13, Reverse Rotation Of Compressor - Drive Turbine Train Can Cause Major Damages
Arun Kumar, Mahesh Shet



Discussion Group T1/P1, Couplings and Alignment
Discussion Leaders: Thomas Davidson, Coordinator (Linde LLC, LaPorte, TX)
Terry Roehm (Marathon Oil Company, Houston, TX)
Morgan M. Bruck (Hydraulic, Measurement, and Inspection Consulting, LLC, Dayton, OH)
Michael Johnson (GenOn, Houston, TX)
Chris Rackman (John Crane Flexibox, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T2/P2, Monitoring Vibration and Other Critical Machine Conditions
Discussion Leaders: William D. Marscher, Coordinator (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Ron Adams, Coordinator (Sulzer Pumps, Brookshire, TX)
Mike Pepper, Coordinator (ExxonMobil, Houston, TX)
Steve Locke, Coordinator (DuPont, Old Hickory, TN)
Thomas Kaiser (Sulzer Pumps Inc., Brookshire, TX)
Paul Boyadjis (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Al Miller (Flowserve Corporation, Taneytown, MD)
Jack Claxton (Patterson Pump Company, Toccoa, GA)
Maki Onari (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY)

Discussion Group T3, Dry Gas Seals for Compressors and Pumps
Discussion Leaders: Bernard Quoix, Coordinator (TOTAL, Paris, France)
Hans Weyermann, Coordinator (ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX)
Leonardo Baldassarre (GE Oil & Gas, Firenze, Italy)
Joe Delrahim (John Crane Inc, Morton Grove, IL)
John Marta (Flowserve Corporation, Littleton, CO)
Daniel Goebel (EagleBurgmann, Wolfratshausen, Germany)

Discussion Group T4/P4, Gears
Discussion Leaders: Cliff Cook (CVC Engineering, Houston, TX)
Lisa Ford, Coordinator (Lufkin Industries, Pollok, TX)
Greg Elliott (Lufkin Industries, Pollok, TX)
Marc Hagn (Enterprise Products, Seymour, IN)

Discussion Group T5/P5, Lubrication
Discussion Leaders: Charlie Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Houston, TX)
Leslie Thilagan (Bechtel Corporation, Houston, TX)
Kerry Gunn (LyondellBasell, Houston, TX)
Matthew Gaydon (Bechtel Corporation, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T6, Turbomachinery Operational Maintenance
Discussion Leaders: Rainer Kurz, Coordinator (Solar Turbines, Inc., San Diego, CA)
Joe Moreno, Coordinator (LyondellBasell, Channelview, TX)
Mike Pepper, Coordinator (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Houston, TX)
Charlie Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Houston, TX)
Bryan Barrington (LyondellBasell, Corpus Christi, TX)

Discussion Group T7, Machinery Purchasing
Discussion Leaders: Kazim Akhtar, Coordinator (CB&I Lummus, Houston, TX)
Cyrus B. Meher-Homji, Coordinator (Bechtel Corporation, Houston, TX)
Karl Bush (CB&I Lummus, Houston, TX)
Brian Setzenfand (FS-Elliott, Export, PA)
Aaron York (ENERFLEX, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T8, Overspeed Trip Systems
Discussion Leaders: Bruce Bayless (Valero Energy Corporation, Texas City, TX)
Kevin Yates (Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, TX)

Discussion Group T9, Verification of Protective Systems
Discussion Leaders: Lil Kassie, Coordinator (BP, Carson, CA)
Stephen R. Locke, Coordinator (DuPont, Old Hickory, TN)
Stanley J. Stevenson, Coordinator (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Trenton, NJ)
Ed Watson (DuPont, Silverpeak, NV)
George Seamon (Dresser-Rand, Buffalo, NY)
Justin Kassie (BP, Los Angeles, CA)
Robert Kranz (Valero, San Antonio, TX)
Curt Miller (Exida, Round Rock, TX)

Discussion Group T10, Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance
Discussion Leaders: Meherwan Boyce, Coordinator (The Boyce Consultancy, Houston, TX)
Rainer Kurz, Coordinator (Solar Turbines, Inc., San Diego, CA)
Francisco Gonzalez, Coordinator (Enterprise Products Company, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T11, Shop Field Testing of Gas Turbines and Compressors
Discussion Leaders: Hans Weyermann, Coordinator (ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX)
Jeff Haught, Coordinator (Anadarko, Houston, TX)
Mark Sandberg, Coordinator (Chevron, Houston, TX)
Gary Colby (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Douglas Petrie (Siemens Energy, Inc., Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T12, Reciprocating Compressors
Discussion Leaders: Bruce Bayless, Coordinator (Valero Energy Corporation, San Antonio, TX)
Donald R. Smith, Coordinator (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated, San Antonio, TX)
Bruce McCain (Occidental Oil & Gas Corp, Houston, TX)
Kenneth E. Atkins (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated, San Antonio, TX)

Discussion Group T13, Steam Turbine Design, Operation, and Maintenance
Discussion Leaders: Vinod Patel, Coordinator (KBR, Houston, TX)
Stanley Stevenson, Coordinator (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Trenton, NJ)
Gampa Bhat, Coordinator (ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Baytown, TX)
Robert Felton (ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Baytown, TX)

Discussion Group T14, Magnetic Bearings
Discussion Leaders: Hans Weyermann, Coordinator (ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX)
Kazim Akhtar (CB&I Lummus, Houston, TX)
Stan Uptigrove (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T15, Wet and Dry Screw Compressors
Discussion Leaders: Don Smith, Coordinator (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated, San Antonio, TX)
Terryl Matthews, Coordinator (Shell Global Solutions Inc., Houston, TX)
Kevin W. Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo North America Inc., Houston, TX)
Jigger Jumonville (consultant, Santa Maria, CA)

Discussion Group T16, Turbomachinery Bearings and Annular Seals
Discussion Leaders: Tom Davidson, Coordinator (The Linde Group, Pasadena, TX)
John K. Whalen, Coordinator (John Crane Bearings, Houston, TX)
Malcolm E. Leader (Applied Machinery Dynamics, Durango, CO)
Michelle Guedry (The Dow Chemical Company, Plaquemine, LA)

Discussion Group T17, Integrally Geared Compressors
Discussion Leaders: Stanley Stevenson, Coordinator (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Trenton, NJ)
Lisa Ford, Coordinator (Lufkin Industries, Inc., Lufkin, TX)
Terryl Matthews, Coordinator (Shell Global Solutions, Inc., Houston, TX)
Bradley Addison (DuPont Engineering Research and Technology, Wilmington, DE)
Kevin Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo, Houston, TX)
Carl Schwarz (Praxair, Inc., Tonawanda, NY)

Discussion Group T18, Advanced Topics in Centrifugal Compressor Design
Discussion Leaders: Mike Drosjack, Coordinator (Drosjack Consulting Company, The Woodlands, TX)
Mark Sandberg, Coordinator (Chevron, Houston, TX)
Leonardo Baldassarre (GE Oil & Gas, Firenze, Italy)
Urs Baumann (MAN Turbo AG, Zurich, Switzerland)
Mark Kuzdzal (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Jeffrey Moore (SWRI, San Antonio, TX)
Brian C. Pettinato (Elliott Company, Jeanette, PA)
Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)

Discussion Group T19, Hot-Gas Expanders
Discussion Leaders: Lil Kassie, Coordinator (BP, Carson, CA)
Bob Kranz (Valero, San Antonio, TX)
Justin Kassie (BP, Carson, CA)
George Seamon (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Don Shafer (Rotating Machinery Services, Bethlehem, PA)


Short Course T1/P1,Vibration Problems and Solutions in Pumps and Turbomachinery
Bill Marscher, P.E., Paul A. Boyabjis, Eric J. Olson, Maki M. Onari

Short Course T2/P2, The Utilization of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Turbomachinery Design and Analysis
Edward M. Bennett, Ph.D., Travis A. Jonas, Grant O. Musgrove, Andrew H. Lerche, Viswas iyengar, James Harden

Short Course T3, Centrifugal Compressors 101
Mark J.Kuzdzal, Jay M. Koch

Short Course T4, Centrifugal Compressors 201
Bill Hohlweg, Jim Hardin, Dr. Jefferey Moore, Mr. Colby, Robert C. White

Short Course T5, Lateral Rotordynamics of Petrochemical Equipment - Review, Examples and Problems
John A. Kocur

Short Course T6, Surge and Surge Control Systems
Robert C. White, Kenneth DeVito, Dr. Ken Junk, Dr. Jefferey Moore, Melissa Wilcox

Short Course T7, Introduction to Reciprocating Compressor Diagnostics and Pattern Interpretation
Warren Laible

Short Course T8, Gas Turbines 101
Meherwan P. Boyce

Short Course T9, Reliability-Centered Maintenance
Walter Sanford, John Cary

Short Course T10, FCCU Hot Gas Expander Design, Operation and Troubleshooting
Dr. Murari Singh, David Linden, Michael J. Drosjack, Ph.D.

Short Course T11, Magnetic Bearings in Turbomachinery
Tim Griffin, Frank Pinckney, Richard Shultz, Stan Uptigrove

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