42nd Turbomachinery Symposium (2013)

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Lecture T1: Torsional and Electrical Dynamic Interactions of Compressor Drive Motors and Gas Turbine Driven Power Generators

Fred Evans (ExxonMobil Development Company, Houston, TX)
Brandon Cassimere (ExxonMobil Upstream Research, Houston, TX)
Don E Martin (ABB Inc., Raleigh, NC)
E. Martin Hinchliff (Dresser-Rand Company, NY)
Danny F. Smith (Solar Turbines Incorporated, CA)

Lecture T2: Experimental Evaluation of Effectiveness of Online Water-Washing in Gas Turbine Compressors

Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)
Terrence A. Grimley (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)
William C. Foiles (BP Exploration & Production, Houston, TX)
Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc., San Diego, CA)

Lecture T3: Limitations of ASME PTC 10 in Accurately Evaluation Centrifugal Compressor Thermodynamic Performance

Mark Sandberg (Chevron Energy Technology Co., Houston, TX)
Gary Colby (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)

Lecture T4: Probabilistic Approach for Compressor Sizing and Plant Design

Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines Incorporated, San Diego, CA)
Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)
J. Michael Thorp (Aramco Services Company, Houston, TX)
Erik G. Zentmyer (Solar Turbines Incorporated, Houston, TX)

Lecture T5: Investigation Results for Surge Phenomena of Centrifugal Compressor related with Piping Arrangements and Test Conditions

Daisuke Kiuchi (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corp., Tokyo)
Akihiro Nakaniwa (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Hyogo, Japan)
Shinichiro Tokuyama (MHI Compressor Corporation, Hiroshima, Japan)
Keisuke Matsuyama (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan)

Lecture T6: LNG Propane Compressor Performance Prediction and Large scale Test Validation

Jorge Pacheco (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Syed Fakhri (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Clémentine Vezier (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Jay Koch (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)

Lecture T7: Electric Driven Centrifugal Compressor - Super Synchronous Vibrations of the High Speed Shaft Line: Observations, Assessment and Resolution

Bernard Quoix (TOTAL E&P, France)
Antoine Lucas (TOTAL E&P, Korea)
Jeremie Seon (GE Oil&Gas, France)
Xavier Coudray (GE Oil&Gas, France)
Alain Gelin (TOTAL E&P, France)

Lecture T8: Coupling Credible Failure Modes and Owner Options to Intervene

Stephen Locke (DuPont, Old Hickory, TN)
Michael Burgess (DuPont, Old Hickory, TN)
Joseph Corcoran (Kop-Flex, Emerson Industrial Automation, MD)
Thomas Hess (DuPont, Wilmington, DE)

Lecture T9: Review of Experimental Sub-Synchronous Vibrations on Large Size Tilting Pad Journal Bearings and Comparison with Analytical Predictions

Mirko Libraschi (GE Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone, Florence, Italy)
Oscar Crosato
Michael Catanzaro
Silvia Evangelisti

Lecture T10: Impact of piping impedance and acoustic characteristics on centrifugal compressors surge and operating range

Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)
Marybeth G. Nored (Apache, Inc., Houston, TX)
Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc., San Diego, CA)

Lecture T11: CO2 Corrosion on Natural Gas Compressors: Criteria and Guidelines

Andre Varella Guedes (PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Rodrigo de Carvalho Ferreira (PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Fabio de Norman et d'Audenhove (PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Bruno da Silva Marques (PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Lecture T12: History of Evolution, Progress and Application of Safe Diagram for Tuned and Mistuned Systems

Murari Singh (Safe Technical Solutions, Inc, Bethlehem, PA)


Tutorial T1: Shop Rotordynamic Testing - Options, Objectives, Benefits and Practices

John Kocur (ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, Fairfax, VA)
Hunter Cloud (BRG Machinery Consluting, LLC, Charlottesville, VA)

Tutorial T2: Range Versus Efficiency - Striking the Proper Balance

Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)

Tutorial T3: Combustion, Fuels and Emissions for Industrial Gas Turbine Combustion

Michael Welch (Siemens, Lincoln, UK)
Brian Igoe (Siemens, Lincoln, UK)

Tutorial T4: Electric motors and drives in torsional vibration analysis and design

Timo Holopainen (ABB Motors and Generators, Helsinki, Finland)
Pieder Jorg (ABB Drives and Controls, Zürich, Switzerland)
Jouko Nïiranen (ABB Drives and Controls, Helsinki, Finland)
Davide Andrea (ABB Mining, Dättwil, Switzerland)

Tutorial T5: Gas Turbine Performance and Maintenance

Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines Incorporated, San Diego, CA)
Cyrus Meher-Homji (Bechtel Corporation, Houston, TX)
Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)
Jeff Moore (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)
Francisco Gonzalez (Enterprise Products, Houston, TX)

Tutorial T6: Rotating Component Modal Analysis and Resonance Avoidance - Update

Frank Kushner (Frank Kushner Consulting, Delmont, PA)
Robert Strickland (The Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA)
James Shurina (The Elliott Group. Jeannette, PA)

Tutorial T7: Design Considerations for Revamp/Re-Rate Centrifugal Compressors

James Sorokes (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Steven Kaulius (Dresser-Rand, Bethlehem, PA)
Edmund Memmott (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)

Tutorial T8: Torsional Natural Frequencies: Measurement versus Prediction

Qingyu Wang (Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA)
Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA)
Troy Feese (Engineering Dynamics Inc., San Antonio, TX)

Tutorial T9: Development and Design of Antisurge and Performance Control System for Centrifugal Compressor

Saul Mirsky (Compressor Controls Corporation, Des Moines, IA)
Wayne Jacobson (Compressor Controls Corporation, Des Moines, IA)
David Tiscornia (Compressor Controls Corporation, Houston, TX)
Jeff McWhirter (Compressor Controls Corporation, Houston, TX)
Medhat Zaghloul (Compressor Controls Corporation, Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Tutorial T10: VSDS Motor Inverter Design Concept for Compressor Trains Avoiding Interharmonics in Operating Speed Range

Volker Hutten (Siemens Energy Sector, Duisburg, Germany)
Tim Krause (Siemens Energy Sector, Duisburg, Germany)
Vijay Anantham Ganesan (Siemens Industry, Nuremberg, Germany)
Christian Beer (Siemens Energy Sector, Erlangen, Germany)
Sven Demmig (Siemens Industry Sector, Nuremberg, Germany)

Panel Discussion on Subsea Compression Applications (Tutorial T11)

Jose Gilarranz (Dresser-Rand, Houston, TX)
Urs Baumann (MAN Diesel & Turbo, Zurich, Switzerland)
Francesco Bongini (GE Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy)
Pal Hedne (Statoil AS, Stavanger, Norway)
William Maier (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Michael McKee (INTECSEA, Houston, TX)
Manuele Bigi (GE Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy)

Tutorial T12: Operations and Maintenance of Un-Spared Compressor Trains and their Auxiliary Systems

Bryan Barrington (LyondellBasell, Corpus Christi, TX)
Phillip Terrano (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Robert Felton (ExxonMobil, Baytown, TX)

Case Studies

Case Study Turbo Session 1A

CST1: Analysis of Rotor Rub in a Large Centrifugal Refrigeration Compressor

Neetin Ghaisas (Fluor Canada Ltd.)

CST2: Morton effect experienced during a mechanical running test of a centrifugal compressor

Martin Maier
Glenn Grosso (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)

CST3: Field Investigation of Gearbox Vibration Due to Cracked Motor Rotor Bars

Troy Feese (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated, San Antonio, TX)
Ross Pinner (Lufkin Industries, TX)

CST4: Axial Vibration for a Synchronous Motor Driven Gear and In-line Compressor Train

Lucy Zhao

Case Study Turbo Session 1B

CST5: Hydrogen Flaking Gear Failure in a Centrifugal Compressor

Matthew Barausky
Patrick Smith (Air Products)

CST6: Troubleshooting a Large, Two Stage Diaphragm Compressor

Gregory Frantz
Robert Eizember (DuPont)
Jose Vazquez (BRG Machinery Consulting)

CST7: Innovative Design in Expander Wheel-Shaft Attachment Replaces Hirth Coupling for High Speed, High Temperature and High Power Applications

Houman Shokraneh (L.A. Turbine, Valencia, CA)

CST8: Hydrogen compressor seal case study

John Justak (ATGI)

Case Study Turbo Session 2A

CST9: Resolving intermittent vibration spikes on steam turbines

Rajakumar Thiagarajan,
Ashraf Abdelrahim,
and Sankar Ganesh;
representing RasGas and GE

CST10: Bearing Frosting

Ed Czechowski (FS-Elliott)
Chris Napoleon (Napoleon Engineering)
Mike Tursky (FS-Elliott)

CST11: Influence of Jacking Oil Grooves in Two-Lobe Bearings on Bearing Performance

Henning Ressing (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)

CST12: Experience on system electro-mechanical optimization against torsional issues

Michele Guidi
Alessandro Pescioni (GE Oil & Gas)

Case Study Turbo Session 2B

CST13: Successful online and offline cleaning of steam turbines without disassembly

Bladimir Gomez (PDVSA CRP Refinery)
Barry Snider (Small Hammer Incorporated)

CST14: Compressor Oil Flow

Kevin Yates (Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, TX)

CST15: Oil Contamination for Ammonia Chiller Compressor

Abdulkareem Al-Ghamdi (Saudi International Petrochemical Co.)
Ali Shallwani (Saudi International Petrochemical Co.)

Case Study Turbo Session 2C

CST16: Deep Off-Shore Combustion Air Filtering System Analysis

Fernando Markovits (PETROBRAS, Brazil)
Francisco Carlos (PETROBRAS)br>Orlando Guerreiro (PETROBRAS)
Jim Benson (Camfil Farr Power Systems)
Joshua Kohn (Camfil Farr Power Systems)

CST17: How a SIL2 certified protection system prevented major damages to a critical reciprocating compressor on 3 occasions over a 45 day period

Eric Miller (DuPont)
Skip Morrison (Prognost Systems, Inc.)

Discussion Groups

Discussion Group T1/P1: Monitoring Vibration and Other Critical Machine

William D. Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Steve Locke (DuPont, Wilmington DE)
Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps, Houston, TX)
Dag Calafel (Exxon-Mobil, Houston, TX)
Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds, Seneca Falls, NY)
Al Miller (Flowserve Corp., Taneytown, MD)
Jack Claxton (Patterson Pump Company, Taccoa, GA)
Juan Gamarra (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Maki Onari (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Ed Watson (Dupont, Houston, TX)
Charlie Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Houston, TX)
Hans Weyermann (ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T2/P2: Couplings and Alignment

Thomas Davidson, Coordinator (Linde LLC, LaPorte, TX)
Terry Roehm (Marathon Oil Company, Houston, TX)
Morgan M. Bruck (HMICLLC, Dayton, OH)
Michael Johnson (NRG)
Chris Rackman (John Crane Flexibox, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T3/P3: Gears

Lisa Ford (Lufkin Industries, Inc.)
Joseph Silvaggio (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery Inc., NJ)
Robert Eisenmann (BP)
David Earl (ConocoPhillips, AK)

Discussion Group T4/P4: Lubrication

Leslie Thilagan (Bechtel Company, Houston, TX)
Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA)
Charles Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Houston, TX)
Jeff Buck (Shell Projects and Technology, Houston, TX)
Alex Schaefer (Elliott Group, Belle Vernon, PA)

Discussion Group T5: Turbomachinery Operational Maintenance

Rainer Kurz, Coordinator (Solar Turbines Incorporated, San Diego, CA)
Joe Moreno, Coordinator (LyondellBasell, Channelview, TX)
Charlie Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Houston, TX)
Bryan Barrington (LyondellBasell, Corpus Christi, TX)

Discussion Group T6: Overspeed Trip Systems

Bruce Bayless (Valero Energy Corporation, Texas City, TX)
Kevin Yates (Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, TX)

Discussion Group T7: Shop Field Testing of Gas Turbines and Compressors

Hans Weyermann (ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX)
Jeff Haught (Anadarko, Houston, TX)
Mark Sandberg (Chevron, Houston, TX)
Gary Colby (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Douglas Petrie (Siemens Energy Inc., Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T8: Reciprocating Compressors

Bruce Bayless (Valero Energy Corporation, San Antonio, TX)
Bob Eisenmann (BP, Houston, TX)
Bruce McCain (Occidental Oil & Gas Corp, Houston, TX)
Kenneth E. Atkins (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated, San Antonio, TX)

Discussion Group T9: Advanced Topics in Centrifugal Compressor Design

Mike Drosjack, Coordinator (Drosjack Consulting Company, The Woodlands, TX)
Mark Sandberg (Chevron, Houston, TX)
Leonardo Baldassarre (GE Oil & Gas, Firenze, Italy)
Urs Baumann (MAN Turbo AG, Zurich, Switzerland)
Mark Kuzdzal (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Jeffrey Moore (SWRI, San Antonio, TX)
Brian C. Pettinato (Elliott Company, Jeanette, PA)
Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)

Discussion Group T10: Hot-Gas Expanders

Lil Kassie (BP, Carson, CA)
Bob Kranz (Valero, San Antonio, TX)
Justin Kassie (BP, Los Angeles, CA)
George Seamon (Dresser-Rand, Buffalo, NY)
Don Shafer (Rotating Machinery Services, Bethlehem, PA)
Dave Linden (D.H. Linden Associates, Inc., Allentown, PA)

Discussion Group T11: Dry Gas Seals for Compressors

Hans Weyermann (ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX)
Bernard Quoix (TOTAL, France)
Rich Wilson
Leonardo Baldassarre (GE)
Joe Delrahim (John Crane)
John Marta (Flowserve)
Daniel Goebel (EagleBurgmann)

Discussion Group T12: Integrally Geared Compressors

Bradley Addison (DuPont, Wilmington, DE)
Stanley Stevenson (Siemens, Hamilton, NJ)
Kevin Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo North America Inc., Houston, TX)
Lisa Ford (Lufkin)
Terryl Matthews (Shell)

Discussion Group T13: Turbomachinery Bearings and Annular Seals

John Whalen (John Crane Engineered Bearings)
Thomas Davidson (Linde, LLC)
Malcolm Leader (Applied Machinery Dynamics)
Michelle Guedry (Dow Chemical Company)

Discussion Group T14: Verification of Protective Systems

Lil Kassie (BP, Carson, CA)
Steve Locke (DuPont, Old Hickory, TN)
Robert Kranz (Valero, San Antonio, TX)
Stan Stevenson (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, NJ)
Ed Watson (DuPont, Silverpeak, NV)
George Seamon (Dresser-Rand, Buffalo, NY)
Justin Kassie (BP, Los Angeles, CA)
Curt Miller (Exida, Round Rock, TX)

Discussion Group T15: Wet and Dry Screw Compressors

Terryl Matthews (Shell Global Solutions Inc., Houston, TX)
Ken Atkins (Engineering Dynamics, Inc., San Antonio, TX)
Kevin W. Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo North America Inc., Houston, TX)
Jigger Jumonville (consultant, Santa Maria, CA)

Discussion Group T16: Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance

Meherwan Boyce (The Boyce Consultancy, Houston, TX)
Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines Incorporated, San Diego, CA)
Francisco Gonzalez (Enterprise Products Company, Houston, TX)

Discussion Group T17: Steam Turbine Design, Operation, and Maintenance

Vinod Patel (KBR, Houston, TX)
Stanley Stevenson (Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, NJ)
Gampa Bhat (Mitsubishi Compressor International Corporation)
Robert Felton (ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Baytown, TX)

Short Courses

Short Course T1/P1: Vibration Problems and Solutions in Pumps and Turbomachinery

William D. Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Eric J. Olson (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)
Maki M. Onari (Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Whippany, NJ)

Short Course T2/P2: Buying and Selling Serial #1

Mike Drosjack (Drosjack Consulting, The Woodlands, TX)
Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps, Houston, TX)
Harry Miller (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)

Short Course T3: Centrifugal Compressors 101

Mark J. Kuzdzal (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Jay M. Koch (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)

Short Course T4: Centrifugal Compressors 201

Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY)
Jim Hardin (Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA)
Jeff Moore (Southwest Research Institute)
Gary Colby (Dresser-Rand Company, Olean, NY)
Robert White (Solar Turbines, Inc., San Diego, CA)

Short Course T5: API 684 - Torsional Aspects

Mark Corbo (No Bull Engineering, PLLC, Schenectady, NY)
Malcolm Leader (Applied Machinery Dynamics Company, Durango, CO)
Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA)
Chris Kulhanek (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)

Short Course T6: Babbitted Bearing Health Assessment

John K. Whalen (John Crane Engineered Bearings)
Bruce W. Weathersby (Invista)
Marianne Duncanson (ExxonMobil)

Short Course T7: Reciprocating Compressor Diagnostics and Basic Pattern Interpretation

Warren Laible (Windrock, Inc., Knoxville, TN)

Short Course T8: Fundamentals of Design, Operation and Maintenance of Gas Turbines

Dr. Meherwan Boyce (The Boyce Consultancy Group, Houston, TX)
Francisco Gonzalez (Enterprise Products, Houston, TX)

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