43rd Turbomachinery Symposium (2014)

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Lecture T1: Computational Investigation of Coupling Guard Heating and Mitigation
Authors: Vishal Jariwala, Daryll Turner, James Hardin (Elliott Group)
Lecture T2: Meeting Motor Driven Compressor Base Package Design Requirements for Service on Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessels
Authors: Edward Abraham and Harry Miller (Dresser-Rand)
Lecture T3: Overview of Important Considerations in Wet Gas Compression Testing and Analysis
Authors: Grant O. Musgrove and Melissa A. Poerner (Southwest Research Institute), Massimiliano Cirri (GE Global Research), Matteo Bertoneri (GE Oil & Gas)
Lecture T4: Development of High-Pressure Ratio and Wide-Operation Range 700bar Compressor
Authors: Shinichiro Tokuyama (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation), Diogo Yoshikazu Ujihara (Petróleo Brasileiro), Akihiro Nakaniwa and Satoshi Saburi (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
Lecture T5: The Challenge for the Accurate Determination of the Axial Rotor Thrust in Centrifugal Compressors
Authors: Yves Bidaut and Dominique Dessibourg (MAN Diesel&Turbo Schweiz AG)
Lecture T6: Manufacturing and Testing Experience with Direct Metal Laser Sintering for Closed Centrifugal Compressor Impellers
Authors: Timothy C. Allison, Aaron M. Rimpel, J. Jeffrey Moore, Jason C. Wilkes (Southwest Research Institute); Robert Pelton, Karl Wygant (Samsung Techwin)
Lecture T7: Honeycomb Seal Effect on Rotor Response to Unbalance
Authors: Leonardo Baldassarre, Andrea Bernocchi, Leonardo Failli, Michele Fontana, Nicola Mitaritonna, Emanuele Rizzo (General Electric Oil & Gas)
Lecture T8: Optimization of Swirl Brake Design and Assessment of Its Stabilizing Effect on Compressor Rotordynamic Performance
Authors: Leonardo Baldassarre, Andrea Bernocchi, Michele Fontana, Alberto Guglielmo, Guido Masi (General Electric Oil & Gas Company)
Lecture T9: Stability Testing of CO2 Compressors
Authors: Roberto F. de Noronha, Marcelo Accorsi Miranda (PETROBRAS), Katia Lucchesi Cavalca (Campinas State University), Edmund A. Memmott, Krish Ramesh (Dresser-Rand Company)
Lecture T10: Axial Subsynchronous Vibration
Author: Scan DeCamillo (Kingsbury, Inc.)
Lecture T11: Centrifugal Compressor Rotordynamics in Wet Gas Conditions
Authors: Giuseppe Vannini, Giuseppe Del Vescovo, and Matteo Bertoneri (GE Oil & Gas); Melissa Wilcox (Southwest Research Institute)
Lecture T12: Testing of Gas-Liquid Centrifugal Separation and Compression Technology at Demanding Operating Conditions
Authors: William Maier, José L. Gilarranz R., Yuri Biba, Daniel DeMore (Dresser-Rand)


Tutorial T1: Gas Turbine Degradation
Authors: Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc.), Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute), Cyrus Meher-Homji (Bechtel)
Tutorial T2: Combustion, Fuels and Emissions for Industrial Gas Turbines
Authors: Michael Welch and Brian M. Igoe (Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd.)
Tutorial T3/Panel Session: Subsea Compression Applications
Panelists: José L. Gilarranz R and William C. Maier (Dresser-Rand), Urs Baumann (MAN Diesel & Turbo), Manuele Bigi (GE Oil & Gas), Stein Jørgensen (Aker Solutions AS), Alberto Milani (GE Oil & Gas) Thomas Eldridge (Shell)
Tutorial T4: Fundamentals of Signal Processing Applied to Rotating Machinery Diagnostics
Author: Gaston H. Desimone (GE Measurement & Control)
Tutorial T5: Monitoring a Tandem Dry Gas Seal's Secondary Seal
Authors: Glenn Schmidt (DGS Glenn), Rich Hosanna (John Crane Inc.), Vladimir Bakalchuk (Flowserve Corporation), Jim McCraw (BP America Inc.)
Tutorial T6: Save Your Centrifugal Machinery During Commissioning
Authors: Arun Kumar and Mohit Sabharwal (HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd.)
Tutorial T7: Revamp/Re-Rate Design Considerations
Authors: James M. Sorokes, Steven T. Kaulius, Edmund A. Memmott (Dresser-Rand)
Tutorial T8/Panel Session: Driver Selection for Mechanical Drive Service
Panelists: Vinod Patel (KBR), Shawn Walth (KBR), Mark Weatherwax (Chevron), Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines), Cyrus Meher-Homji (Bechtel Corp.), Gampa Bhat (Mitsubishi Compressor International Corp.)
Tutorial T9: Technology Machinery Engineers Need to Know to Work Effectively Subsea: Part 1 of 2
Instructors: Dag Elvebakken (Aker Solutions), Jonah Margulis (Aker Solutions), Zenon Medina-Cetina (Texas A&M University), Michael Mancuso (OneSubsea)
Tutorial T10: New Active Magnetic Bearing Requirements for Compressors in API 617 Eighth Edition
Authors: Erik Swanson (Xdot Engineering and Analysis), Andrea Masala (Waukesha Bearings), Lawrence Hawkins (Calnetix, Inc.)
Tutorial T11: Technology Machinery Engineers Need to Know to Work Effectively Subsea: Part 2 of 2
Instructors: Dag Elvebakken (Aker Solutions), Jonah Margulis (Aker Solutions), Zenon Medina-Cetina (Texas A&M University), Michael Mancuso (OneSubsea)
Tutorial T12: A Review of Aerodynamically Induced Forces Acting on Centrifugal Compressors, and Resulting Vibration Characteristics of Rotors
Authors: James M. Sorokes, Mark J. Kuzdzal, D. Fred Marshall (Dresser-Rand)

Discussion Groups

Discussion Group T1/P1: Monitoring Vibration and Other Critical Machine Conditions
  • William Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
  • Steve Locke (DuPont)
  • Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps)
  • Dag Calafell (ExxonMobil)
  • Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds)
  • Al Miller (Flowserve)
  • Jack Claxton (Patterson Pump Company)
  • Juan Gamarra (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
  • Ed Watson (DuPont)
Discussion Group T2/P2: Couplings and Alignment
  • Thomas Davidson (Linde, LLC)
  • Terry Roehm (Marathon Oil Company)
  • Chris Rackham (John Crane Flexibox)
  • Mark Oneil (Altra Couplings)
Discussion Group T3/P3: Gears
  • Lisa Ford (Lufkin)
  • Joseph Silvaggio (Siemens)
  • Robert Eisenmann (BP)
  • David Earl (ConocoPhillips)
Discussion Group T4/P4: Lubrication
  • Leslie Thilagan (S&B Engineers & Constructors)
  • Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group)
  • Charles Rutan (Stress Engineering Services, Inc.)
  • Jeff Buck (Shell Projects and Technology)
  • Alex Schaefer (Elliott Group)
Discussion Group T5: Turbomachinery Operational Maintenance
  • Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Incorporated)
  • Joe Moreno (LyondellBasell)
  • Charlie Rutan (Stress Engineering Services)
  • Bryan Barrington (LyondellBasell)
Discussion Group T6: Overspeed Trip Systems
  • Bruce Bayless (Valero)
  • Kevin Yates (Dow)
  • Scott Shane (Dow)
  • Donald Kautz (Dow)
  • Josh Autenrieth (Dow)
Discussion Group T7: Shop Field Testing of Gas Turbines and Compressors
  • Hans Weyermann (ConocoPhillips)
  • Jeff Haught (Anadarko)
  • Mark Sandberg (Chevron)
  • Gary Colby (Dresser-Rand)
  • Doug Petrie (Siemens)
Discussion Group T8: Reciprocating Compressors
  • Bruce Bayless (Valero)
  • Bob Eisenmann (BP)
  • Bruce McCain (Occidental Oil & Gas)
  • Kenneth Atkins (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated)
Discussion Group T9: Advanced Topics in Centrifugal Compressor Design
  • Mark Sandberg (Chevron)
  • Leonardo Baldassarre (GE Oil & Gas)
  • Urs Baumann (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG)
  • Mark Kuzdzal (Dresser-Rand)
  • Jeffrey Moore (Southwest Research Institute)
  • Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group)
  • James Sorokes (Dresser-Rand)
Discussion Group T10: Hot-Gas Expanders
  • Lil Kassie (BP)
  • Bob Kranz (Valero)
  • Justin Kassie (BP)
  • George Seamon (Dresser-Rand)
  • Don Shafer (Rotating Machinery Service)
  • Dave Linden (D.H. Linden Associates, Inc.)
Discussion Group T11: Dry Gas Seals for Compressors
  • Hans Weyermann (ConocoPhillips)
  • Bernard Quoix (TOTAL)
  • Rich Wilson
  • Leonardo Baldassarre (GE)
  • Joe Delrahim (John Crane)
  • John Marta (Flowserve)
  • Daniel Goebel (EagleBurgmann)
Discussion Group T12: Integrally Geared Compressors
  • Bradley Addison (DuPont)
  • Stanley Stevenson (Siemens)
  • Kevin Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo)
  • Lisa Ford (Lufkin)
  • Terryl Matthews (Shell)
  • Carl Schwarz (Praxair)
Discussion Group T13: Turbomachinery Bearings and Annular Seals
  • John Whalen (John Crane)
  • Thomas Davidson (Linde, LLC)
  • Malcolm Leader (Applied Machinery Dynamics)
  • Michelle Guedry (Dow)
Discussion Group T14: Verification of Protective Systems
  • Lil Kassie (BP)
  • Steve Locke (DuPont)
  • Robert Kranz (Valero)
  • Stan Stevenson (Siemens)
  • Ed Watson (DuPont)
  • George Seamon (Dresser-Rand)
  • Justin Kassie (BP)
  • Curt Miller (Exida)
Discussion Group T15: Screw Compressors
  • Terryl Matthews (Shell)
  • Kevin Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo)
  • Ken Atkins (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated)
  • Jigger Jumonville (consultant)
Discussion Group T16: Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance
  • Meherwan Boyce (The Boyce Consultancy)
  • Francisco Gonzalez (Cheniere)
  • Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc.)
Discussion Group T17: Steam Turbine Design, Operation, and Maintenance
  • Vinod Patel (KBR)
  • Stanley Stevenson (Siemens)
  • Gampa Bhat (Mitsubishi Compressor International)
  • Robert Felton (ExxonMobil)
Discussion Group T18/P18: Motors & Drives
  • Kevin Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo)
  • Luis Velasco Cohen Lade (Siemens Industry, Inc.)
  • Kai Pietilaeinen (ABB)
  • Ron Boyd (ABB)
  • Bob Krusemark (GE)
Discussion Group T19: Compressor Controls
  • Steven Judd (ExxonMobil)
  • Mark Sandberg (Chevron)
  • Keith Craggs (ExxonMobil)
  • Henry Borchard (Chevron)
  • Jeff McWhirter (CCC)
  • Robert C. White (Solar Turbines)
Discussion Group T20: Torsional Monitoring
  • Jeff Moore (Southwest Research Institute)
  • Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group)
  • Thomas Eldridge (Shell)
  • John Kocur (ExxonMobil)

Case Studies


Case Study T1: Examples of Balancing Methods: Four-Run and Least-Squares Influence Coefficients
Author: Troy Feese (Engineering Dynamics Inc.)
Case Study T2: Coupled Torsional-Lateral Analysis
Authors: Staffan Lundholm, Niklas Sehlstedt, Per Tellefsen, Claus Myllerup (Lloyd's Register)
Case Study T3: CGC Large Steam Turbine Vibration Resonance of Pedestal and Linkage System RCA, Detail Vibration Investigation/Measurement at Site and Countermeasures
Authors: Makoto Katagake, Kyoichi Ikeno, Satoshi Hata (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)


Case Study T4: Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics as Applied to a Reciprocating Compressor Head
Author: Bruce McCain (Oxy Oil and Gas Corporation)
Case Study T5: Investigation and Analysis of High Thrust Bearing Temperature After Field Overhaul and Rerate of a Centrifugal Compressor
Authors: Barry J. Blair (Waukesha Bearings Corporation), James M. Byrne (BRG Machinery Consulting), Stephen L. Ross (Elliott Company), Jonathan Toner (ExxonMobil)
Case Study T6: RTD Failure in Hydrodynamic Thrust Bearing
Authors: Hatem Mohamed Abdelrahman and Mohamed Maysara (MOPCO, Egypt), Paolo Farnararo and Paolo Paolini (GE Oil & Gas)


Case Study T8: Two Pole Motor Vibration Diagnostics, Analysis and Solution
Authors: Yu Zhao (BHP Billiton), Nelson Baxter (ABM Technical Services)
Case Study T9: 2x Pinion Vibration Problems and Solutions for Motor-Gear-Compressor Trains During Commissioning
Authors: Qingyu Wang, Manish Thorat, Masaya Furuta, Koichi Hayama (Elliott Group)


Case Study T10: Coupling Failure Due to a Motor Fault
Authors: Clay McClinton (Chevron), Dan Phillips and Joe Corcoran (Kop-Flex)
Case Study T11: Field Experience of Hydrophobic Membrane Filters for Corrosion Protection of Axial Compressor for Air Separation Plant
Authors: Wilson Poon and Matt Gessner (W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.), Thomas Davidson (Linde LLC)
Case Study T12: Acoustic Instability in Pilot-Operated Pressure Safety Valves
Authors: Timothy Allison and Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute)


Case Study T13: Application of Hydraulic Coupling Bolts (Sleeve Type) to High Cycle Loaded Reciprocating Compressor
Authors: Francesco Caprioli, Simona Allio, Stefan Norberg (SKF), Guido Pratelli (GE Oil & Gas)
Case Study T14: Dry Gas Seal Failures in a Recycle Gas Centrifugal Compressor, Causes and Remedial Actions
Authors: Vasanth Bhat (Singapore Refining C. Pte. Ltd.), Jim Demetriou (Chevron Energy Technology Co.)
Case Study T15: Investigating Root Causes of Catu Compressor Station Shut-Down Due to High Discharge Temperature
Case Study T15: Supplemental Material
Authors: Eduardo Merçon, Pablo Adolfo Nogueira, Paulo Bruno Peres, Ricardo Pinheiro, Rodrigo Mourão (Petrobras)

Short Courses

Short Course T1/P1: Vibration Problems and Solutions in Turbomachinery
Instructors: William D. Marscher, Eric J. Olson, Maki M. Onari, Paul Boyadjis (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
Short Course T2: Gas Bearings and Magnetic Bearings for Oil-Free Rotating Machinery
Instructors: Luis San Andrés (Texas A&M University), Daniel Lubell (Calnetix Technologies)
Short Course T3: Centrifugal Compressors 101
Instructors: Mark J. Kuzdzal and Jay M. Koch (Dresser-Rand)
Short Course T4: Centrifugal Compressors 201
Instructors: Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand), James Hardin (Elliott), J. Jeffrey Moore (Southwest Research Institute), Gary Colby (Dresser-Rand), R.C. White (Solar Turbines)
Short Course T5: API 684 - Torsional Aspects
Instructors: Mark Corbo (No Bull Engineering, PLLC), Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group), Malcolm Leader (Applied Machinery Dynamics Company), Chris Kulhanek (Southwest Research Institute)
Short Course T6: Babbitted Bearing Health Assessment
Instructors: John Whalen (John Crane), Bruce Weathersby (Invista), Marianne Duncanson (ExxonMobil)
Short Course T7: Lateral Rotordynamics of Petrochemical Equipment - Review, Examples, and Problems
Instructor: John A. Kocur, Jr. (ExxonMobil Research & Engineering)
Short Course T8: Gas Turbines - Fundamentals of Design, Operation, and Maintenance
Instructors: Dr. Meherwan Boyce (The Boyce Consultancy Group) and Francisco Gonzalez (Cheniere Energy, Inc.)
Short Course T9: Materials in Centrifugal Compressor and Steam Turbines: Selection, Processing, and Repair
Instructors: Scot Laney, Derrick Bauer, David Dowson (Elliott Group)
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