44th Turbomachinery Symposium (2015)

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Lecture T01: Coupled Torsional and Lateral Analysis for the Determination of the Damping of the First Torsional Mode of Synchronous Motor Driven Compressor Trains
Authors: Jean-Claude Pradetto, Urs Baumann (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG)
Lecture T02: Practical Guidelines For Oil & Gas Plant Design Against Sub-Synchronous Torsional Interaction Phenomena
Authors: Federico Svetti, Paola Rotondo, Daniele Sgro, Francesco Meucci (GE Oil & Gas)
Lecture T03: Development and Testing of Multi-Stage Internally Cooled Centrifugal Compressor
Authors: Jason Kerth, Jorge Pacheco (Dresser-Rand), Jeffrey Moore, Tim Allison, Neal Evans (SWRI)
Lecture T04: Measured Effects Of Liquid Distribution On Compressor Performance During Wet Gas Ingestion
Authors: Grant Musgrove, Griffin Beck (SWRI), Michael Matheidas and Stan Uptigrove (ExxonMobil)
Lecture T05: The Effect Of Starvation On The Dynamic Properties Of Tilting Pad Journal Bearings
Authors: John Whalen (John Crane), Vaclav Cerny, Vaclav Polreich (Doosan Skoda Power), Minhui He (BRG Machinery Consulting)
Lecture T06: High Performance Bearing Comparison
Authors: Josh Ronan, Thomas Shoup, Gwenael Perney, Chad Robertson (Lufkin), Bernard Quoix, Alain Gelin (Total E&P)
Lecture T07: Operational modal analysis application for the measure of logarithm decrement in centrifugal compressor
Authors: Alberto Guglielmo, Leonardo Baldassarre and Michael Catanzaro (GE), Leandro de Oliveira Zague, Leonardo Ishimoto, Marcelo Accorsi Miranda, Raphael Timbo Silva (Petrobras)
Lecture T08: A Novel Method for Measurement and Evaluation of Torsional Damping for Geared Turbomachinery During Operation Using Lateral Vibration Probes
Authors: Staffan Lundholm, Stefano Morosi, Niklas Sehlstedt, Anders Crone and Petter Pehrson (Lloyd's Register Consulting)
Lecture T09: Measuring and Modeling Vertical Crosshead Vibration in API-618 Reciprocating Compressors
Authors: Brian Howard, Charles Hatch (GE Bently Nevada), Gregory Yonker (Dresser-Rand), Kevin Philips (BP West Coast Products)
Lecture T10: Numerical Prediction And Experimental Validation Of Rotor Thermal Instability
Authors: Daniele Panara, Leonardo Baldassarre (GE), Duccio Griffin, Alessandro Mattana, Simone Panconi and Enrico Meli (University of Florence)
Lecture T11: Axial Thrust in High Pressure Centrifugal Compressors: Description of a Calculation Model Validated by Experimental Data from Full Load Test
Authors: Michele Fontana, Leonardo Baldassarre, Andrea Bernocchi, Emanuele Rizzo, Francesco Maiuolo (GE)
Lecture T12: Applying CFD to Solve a Vibration Problem of a Compressor
Authors: Roberto Firmento de Noronha, Diogo Yoshikazu Ujihara (PETROBRAS), Leticia de Rezende Tapajoz (CENPES), Glenn Grosso (Dresser-Rand) and Ridrigo Peralta Muniz Moreira (ESSS)
Lecture T13: "Equation 1a," with the "Velocity of Sound in the Material" & "Poisson's Ratio," Allows Quick & Remarkably Accurate Prediction of New Natural Frequencies for Modes of Vibration of Machinery & Structures When Changing Material & Size
Author: S.T. Myrick, Jr. (S.T. Myrick, Jr., PhD, LLC)


Tutorial T01: Hydrodynamic Torque Converters For Oil & Gas Compression And Pumping Applications: Basic Principles, Performance Characteristics And Applications
Authors: Klaus Brun (SWRI), Christoph Meyenberg (Voith Turbo), Joseph Thorp (Aramco Services), Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc.)
Tutorial T02: Explosive Decompression And Other O-Ring Related Issues For Turbomachinery Service- Some User Guidance
Authors: Chris Carmody (AESSeal)
Tutorial T03: Causes Of Subsynchronous Vibration In Integrally Geared Compressors
Authors: Evan B. Williams, John R. Badini (FS-Elliott)
Tutorial T04: Fundamentals of Fluid Film Journal Bearing Operation and Modeling
Authors: Minhui He, Hunter Cloud, James Byrne and Jose Vazquez (BRG Machinery Consulting, LLC)
Tutorial T05: Tips for Troubleshooting with the Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Technique
Authors: Ramon A. Silva, Kyle J. Kuecker (Engineering Dynamics Inc.)
Tutorial T06: Meeting Compression Train Base Package Design Requirements for Service on Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessels
Authors: Harry Miller, Edward Abraham (Dresser-Rand)
Tutorial T07: Introduction of a New Family of Steam Turbine Low Pressure Stages - A Comprehensive Review of 10 Years of Experience in Design, Manufacturing, Experimental Validation and Field Application
Author: Lorenzo Cosi (GE Oil & Gas)
Tutorial T08: Applying API 617, 8th Edition to Expander-Compressors with Active Magnetic Bearings
Authors: Jeff Smithanik, Yannick Paul (SKF)
Tutorial T09: Range Versus Efficiency Striking The Proper Balance
Authors: Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand)
Tutorial T10: Review of Centrifugal Compressors High Pressure Testing for Offshore Applications
Authors: Leonardo Ishimoto, Marcelo Accorsi Miranda, Raphael Timbo Silva (Petrobras), Fabio de Norman et d'Audenhove (Royal Dutch Shell), Edmund Memmott and Gary Colby (Dresser-Rand)
Tutorial T11: Gas Turbine Air Filtration Systems For Offshore Applications
Authors: Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines), Dominique Orhon (Total E&P), Stephen Hiner (CLARCOR Industrial Air) and Jim Benson (Camfil Farr Power Systems)
Tutorial T12: A New Approach to Designing Centrifugal Compressor Surge Control Systems
Authors: Jordan Grose (Beta Machinery Analysis), Kamal Botros (Nove Chemicals), Steven Hill (Williams Gas Pipelines)

Discussion Groups

Discussion Group 01: Monitoring Vibration and Other Critical Machine Conditions
  • William Marscher (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
  • Steve Locke (DuPont)
  • Ron Adams (Sulzer Pumps)
  • Dag Calafell (ExxonMobil)
  • Simon Bradshaw (ITT Goulds)
  • Al Miller (Flowserve)
  • Jack Claxton (Patterson Pump Company)
  • Juan Gamarra (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
  • Ed Watson (DuPont)
Discussion Group 02: Couplings and Alignment
  • Thomas Davidson (Linde, LLC)
  • Terry Roehm (Marathon Oil Company)
  • Chris Rackham (John Crane Flexibox)
  • Mark Oneil (Altra Couplings)
Discussion Group 03: Gears
  • Lisa Ford (Lufkin)
  • Joseph Silvaggio (Siemens)
  • Robert Eisenmann (BP)
  • Mark Brooker (Lyondell Basell)
Discussion Group 04: Lubrication
  • Leslie Thilagan (S&B Engineers & Constructors)
  • Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group)
  • Jeff Buck (Shell Projects and Technology)
  • Alex Schaefer (Elliott Group)
Discussion Group T05: Turbomachinery Operational Maintenance
  • Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Incorporated)
  • Joe Moreno (LyondellBasell)
  • Charlie Rutan (Stress Engineering Services)
  • Bryan Barrington (LyondellBasell)
  • Rob Fisher (ExxonMobil)
Discussion Group T06: Overspeed Trip Systems
  • Bruce Bayless (Valero)
  • Kevin Yates (Dow)
  • Scott Shane (Dow)
  • Donald Kautz (Dow)
  • Josh Autenrieth (Dow)
Discussion Group T07: Shop Field Testing of Gas Turbines and Compressors
  • Hans Weyermann (ConocoPhillips)
  • Jeff Haught (Anadarko)
  • Mark Sandberg (Chevron)
  • Gary Colby (Dresser-Rand)
  • Doug Petrie (Siemens)
Discussion Group T08: Reciprocating Compressors
  • Bruce Bayless (Valero)
  • Robert Eisenmann (BP)
  • Bruce McCain (Oxy Oil & Gas)
  • Kenneth Atkins (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated)
Discussion Group T09: Advanced Topics in Centrifugal Compressor Design
  • Mark Sandberg (Chevron)
  • Leonardo Baldassarre (GE Oil & Gas)
  • Urs Baumann (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG)
  • Mark Kuzdzal (Dresser-Rand)
  • Jeffrey Moore (Southwest Research Institute)
  • Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group)
  • Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand)
  • Norbert Wagner (Siemens)
Discussion Group T10: Turbo Expanders & PRTS
  • Lil Kassie (BP)
  • Bob Kranz (Valero)
  • Justin Kassie (Enterprise Products LLC)
  • George Seamon (Dresser-Rand)
  • Don Shafer (Rotating Machinery Service)
  • Dave Linden (D.H. Linden Associates, Inc.)
  • Vince Orlando (PRTs Global)
Discussion Group T11: Dry Gas Seals for Compressors
  • Hans Weyermann (ConocoPhillips)
  • Bernard Quoix (TOTAL)
  • Rich Wilson
  • Leonardo Baldassarre (GE)
  • Joe Delrahim (John Crane)
  • John Marta (Flowserve)
  • Daniel Goebel (EagleBurgmann)
Discussion Group T12: Integrally Geared Compressors
  • Bradley Addison (DuPont)
  • Stanley Stevenson (Siemens)
  • Kevin Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo)
  • Lisa Ford (Lufkin)
  • Terryl Matthews (Shell)
  • Carl Schwarz (Praxair)
Discussion Group T13: Turbomachinery Bearings and Annular Seals
  • John Whalen (John Crane)
  • Thomas Davidson (Linde, LLC)
  • Malcolm Leader (Applied Machinery Dynamics)
  • Michelle Guedry (Dow)
  • Alan Mathis (Dow)
Discussion Group T14: Protection Systems Integrity
  • Lil Kassie (BP)
  • Steve Locke (DuPont)
  • Robert Kranz (Valero)
  • Stanley Stevenson (Siemens)
  • Ed Watson (DuPont)
  • George Seamon (Dresser-Rand)
  • Justin Kassie (BP)
  • Curt Miller (Exida)
Discussion Group T15: Screw Compressors
  • Terryl Matthews (Shell)
  • Kevin Kisor (MAN Diesel & Turbo)
  • Kenneth Atkins (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated)
  • Jigger Jumonville (consultant)
Discussion Group T16: Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance
  • Meherwan Boyce (The Boyce Consultancy)
  • Francisco Gonzalez (Cheniere)
  • Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbiens, Inc.)
Discussion Group T17: Steam Turbine Design, Operation, and Maintenance
  • Vinod Patel (KBR)
  • Stanley Stevenson (Siemens)
  • Gampa Bhat (Compressor International)
  • Robert Fisher (ExxonMobil)
  • Arun Kumar (HPCL- Mittal Energy Ltd., India)
Discussion Group T18: Compressor Controls
  • Steve Judd (ExxonMobil)
  • Mark Sandberg (Chevron)
  • Keith Craggs (ExxonMobil)
  • Henry Borchard (Chevron)
  • Jeff McWhirter (CCC)
  • Robert C. White (Solar Turbines)
Discussion Group T19: Torsional Monitoring
  • Jeff Moore (Southwest Research Institute)
  • Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group)
  • Thomas Eldridge (Shell)
  • John Kocur (ExxonMobil)
  • Troy Feese (Engineering Dynamics Inc.)

Case Studies

Turbo Case Study Session 1A

CST01: Fit For Purpose Unique Machinery Repair Techniques for Late In Life Production Facilities
Authors: Stan Uptigrove, Chin Tze-Hur, Karl Edward (ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc.)
CST02: CFD Study Of Failure In An Oil Flooded Screw Compressor Journal Bearing
Authors: Diogo Yoshikazu Ujihara, Marcelo Accorsi Miranda, Mateus Louis Vieira (Petrobras), Lucilla Almeida, Rodrigo Peralta M. Moreira (Engineering Simulation Scientific Software, Brazil)
CST03: FCCU PRT Compressor Blade Failure Case Study
Authors: Austin Anderson (CITGO), Chris Sykora and Tony Rubino (RMS)

Turbo Case Study Session 1B

CST04: Export Gas Compressors Verecon Vibration Analysis
Authors: Chandra Sivapuram (NCPOC), Rogan Stewart (Shell), Basso DeGregorio (ENi)
CST05: Gearbox Sub-Synchronous Radial Vibration at the Train 1st TNF, Induced by Cyclic Process Phenomena
Authors: Gaspara Maragioglio Paola Rotondo, Gianluca Boccadamo, Valerio Depau (GE Oil & Gas)
CST06: Gear lateral vibrations caused by VSD interharmonic interference with torsional natural frequencies
Authors: Staffan Lundholm, Rasmus Kristensen, Niklas Sehlstedt (Lloyd's Register Consulting), Leif l. Myklebust (Statoil)

Turbo Case Study Session 2A

CST07: Analysis and on-stream countermeasures of High Thrust Bearing Temperature of A Centrifugal Compressor
Authors: Kim BumSu, Lee SangJoo, Sin SangMun and Lee SangSuk (SK Innovation)
CST08: Oil & Gas plant experience of Sub-Synchronous Torsional Interactions (SSTI) and operability optimization
Authors: Paola Rotondo, Daniele Sgro, Giuliano Milani, Giacomo Tucci (GE Oil & Gas)
CST09: Applying Rotordynamics Analysis to Identify the Cause of High Synchronous Vibration on Overhung-Rotor Compressor
Author: Manuel Marin (Equistar Chemical, LP)
CST10: Pipe Vibration Caused by Aero Excitation Resulted from a Foreign Object Lodged Inside an Impeller Passage
Authors: Zheji Liu, Mark Kuzdzal, Scott Wisler (Dresser-Rand)

Short Courses

Short Course 01: Vibration Problems and Solutions in Pumps and Turbomachinery
Instructors: William D. Marscher, Eric J. Olson, Maki M. Onari, Paul Boyadjis (Mechanical Solutions, Inc.)
Short Course T02: Torsional Rotordynamics of Machinery Equipment Strings
Instructors: Mark A. Corbo (No Bull Engineering, PLLC), Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group), Malcolm E. Leader (Applied Machinery Dynamics Company), Chris D. Kulhanek (Southwest Research Institute)
Short Course T03: Centrifugal Compressors 101
Instructors: Mark J. Kuzdzal and Jay M. Koch (Dresser-Rand)
Short Course T04: Centrifugal Compressors 201
Instructors: James Hardin (Elliott), J. Jeffrey Moore (Southwest Research Institute), Gary Colby (Dresser-Rand), R.C. White (Solar Turbines), Jim Sorokes (Dresser-Rand)
Short Course T05: Couplings and Rotating Machines
Instructors: Peter Carlisle, Steve Pennington, Chris Rackham (John Crane)
Short Course T06: Application of Multi-Megawatt Medium Voltage Motor & Adjustable Speed Drive Packages for Reliable Compression
Instructors: Barry Dick, Manish Verma, James Nanney, Doug Phares (TMEIC), Neeraj Bhatia (Bechtel)
Short Course T07: Revamp/Re-Rate Design Considerations
Instructors: Jim Sorokes, Edmund Memmott (Dresser-Rand), Pete Rasmussen (Rasmussen Machinery Consulting LLC)
Short Course T08: Combined Cycle Power Plants - Emphasis on Gas and Steam Turbine Operations
Instructors: Dr. Meherwan Boyce (The Boyce Consultancy Group) and Francisco Gonzalez (Cheniere Energy, Inc.)
Short Course T09: Machinery Protection Systems - API 670 5th Addition - An In-Depth Review and Tutorial
Instructors: Timothy J. Hattenbach, Steve Sabin (SETPOINT Vibration), Matthew House (GE), Wilfried Blotenberg (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE), Ray McKinney (Bently), Rich Kamphaus (Woodward Inc.), Deane Horn (Emerson), Brian Howard (General Electric), David J. McWhirter (Compressor Controls Corporation)
Short Course T10: Recips 101 : The User's Perspective
Instructors: Kenneth Atkins (Engineering Dynamics Incorporated), Bruce McCain (Oxy Oil & Gas Corporation), Robert Eisenmann (BP), Ben White (Southwest Research Institute)
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