Rotating Equipment Function Overview & Best Practices

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This 4-day workshop builds a knowledge base of the basics of design of the 5 major components of all major types of rotating equipment:

  1. Rotor
  2. Journal Bearings
  3. Thrust Bearings
  4. Seals
  5. Auxiliary Systems

The basics of design are essential to better understand the optimal way to operate and monitor the major types of equipment which will be discussed as well.

This knowledge will build up to selected Industry Best Practices for each major category discussed throughout the workshop.

See attached Agenda and note that the Instructor encourages as many questions as possible and is very flexible with material. If a new subject is brought up during the course, the instructor will happily discuss (assuming he has material on it) and will distribute the material electronically to all attendees at the end of the day.


Michael Forsthoffer is entering his 19th year of experience in the field of Turbomachinery, including design, troubleshooting, and consulting. He spent 4 years with John Crane, 3 of which consisted of being the on-site Seal Realiability Engineer at Hovensa Refinery, St. Croix, VI. He worked as a Rotating Equipment Specialist for Forsthoffer Associates, Inc. from 2009-2015 and has been involved in selection of equipment for new and revamp projects, troubleshooting and site specific training worldwide for all types of rotating machinery. He is currently the President of Forsthoffer Associates, Inc.


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