Each researcher has a faculty appointment in an engineering department and in addition to research, teaches classes.

Dara Childs

Director, Turbomachinery Laboratory, and Jordan Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Rotordynamics and bearings, labyrinth seals

Kalyan Annamalai

Paul Pepper Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Combustion, coal and biomass, animal waste, energy conversion, pollutants, fire and thermodynamics

Paul Cizmas

Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Propulsion, unsteady aerodynamics and heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics fluid-solid interaction, massive parallel processing

Je-Chin Han

Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and holder of the Marcus C. Easterling Chair
Heat transfer augmentation for turbine blade cooling, heat transfer in rotating flows, heat transfer and film cooling in unsteady high free-stream turbulent flows, turbine edge cooling, and mini-scale heat transfer; advanced gas turbine heat transfer and cooling technology in aircraft and industrial gas turbine engines

Turbine Heat Transfer Laboratory website

Yong-Joe Kim

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Turbomachinary noise and vibration control, linear/nonlinear sound field visualization of vibro- and aero-acoustic systems, nondestructive structural health monitoring based on ultrasonic array measurements, vibro-acoustical optimization of composite structures, acoustophoresis in microfluidic devices for separating cells/microparticles and identifying mechanical properties of cells, and acoustics in oil/gas industries

Dr. Kim’s Research Website: http://aspl.tamu.edu

Waruna Kulatilaka

Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Combustion and Energy Conversion, Optical Diagnostics and Imaging, Laser Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Lasers, Chemical Kinetics, Fluid Flow and Plasma Diagnostics, Supersonic and Hypersonic Propulsion, Gas Turbine Combustion and IC Engines.

Kulatilaka Research Group: http://laserlab.tamu.edu/

Hong Liang

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Surface properties-behavior relations, (nano)tribology, tribochemistry, materials and coatings for extreme environments, bio-nano-interface, biomaterials, nanomanufacturing, chemical-mechanical planarization, and piezoelectric sensors

Liang Research Group website

Gerald L. Morrison

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Fluid mechanics and heat transfer, turbulence, acoustics, flow instabilities, flow induced noise, turbomachinery, pumps, compressors, computerized data acquisition and analysis, laser anemometry, labyrinth seals

Alan B. Palazzolo

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Rotordynamics, magnetic bearings, active vibration and noise control, fluid film bearings, vibrations, finite and boundary elements, seal and impeller leakage flow, piping systems, machine design, flywheels, machinery couplings, expert systems, microgravity vibration isolation, electromechanical systems

Alexander Parlos

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Machine condition assessment and end-of-life prediction; intelligent control for machine life extension; distributed sensing and intelligent control for system life extension; adaptive modeling and flow control of distributed real-time applications; neural networks for dynamic system estimation and control; biologically inspired learning and anomaly detection algorithms

Dr. Parlos personal website

Eric Petersen

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ignition and combustion of fuel blends at gas turbine engine pressures and temperatures; investigation of laminar flame speeds of fuel blends at elevated pressuers; physics of shock tubes, shock waves, and gas dynamics in reacting flows; high-temperature chemical kinetics and spectroscopy; advanced additives for composite solid propellants; nanoparticle additives for enhancing the performance of liquid fuels

Dr. Schobeiri’s Research Website